2NE1 Park Bom Plastic Surgery Rumors: is it True?

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Rumors

Park Bom is one of the most recognizable faces in the Kpop industry. She debuted with the group 2NE1 in 2009 alongside three other members: CL, Minzy, and Dara. In the group, Bom was always known as the cute girl with powerful vocals. She was the group’s main vocalist. However, people always kept speculating that she may have had some work done. Over years, the rumors have increased and many people started to believe them. But are the Park Bom Plastic surgery rumors true?

2NE1 Park Bom Before Surgery

Park Bom made her debut when she was 25 years old. She was already an adult. Therefore there are not a lot of pictures of Park Bom before her alleged surgery. However, looking at some of her pictures pre-debut and in the early days of her debut, we can tell that there are some differences in Park Bom’s face. See the pictures below of Park Bom before her alleged plastic surgery.

From the most recent pictures of Park Bom, fans noticed that her lips, her eyes, and her jawline looked a little different. So the rumors started flying everywhere. Some people are saying that this is not her first go at going under the knife. They believe that she had some plastic surgery even before her debut.

However, her agency D-nation had denied all the claims that the singer had surgeries. A representative for her agency explained that Park Bom’s face looks different because it becomes puffy when she is under a lot of stress. Therefore, they are doing everything they can to keep her stress level down and make sure that she gets enough rest.

They further explained that her chubby face is also due to the fact that she gained some weight while preparing for her album. However, she will take a break from promoting and will come back looking healthier. It does not appear that Park Bom has commented on the topic personally.

Here is a video showing some pictures of Park Bom before her plastic surgeries and after:

Video showing some pictures of Park Bom before surgery

Fans’ Reaction to the Park Bom Surgery Rumors

Despite her agency denying all the rumors, many fans still believe that she had some work done. Fans continue to express how disappointed they are that she decided to have the surgeries. A lot of netizens keep expressing that they preferred Park Bom before her surgeries.

Some keep saying that they do not understand why she felt the need to get the surgeries in the first place. She was already super beautiful and already looked like an idol. Other fans even began comparing her with her former band member saying that Park Bom before her surgeries looked better than Sandara Park.

However, some other fans do not care about all the Park Bom plastic surgery rumors. They actually love how she looks now because they believe that it makes her look like a beautiful doll with her big eyes, fluffy cheeks, perky lips, and her pale skin. This is understandable since plastic surgery is a very common practice in South Korea and many idols get work done even before they debut.

So what about you? What do you make of all those rumors? Let me know in the comments below.