PROFILE: 35 Facts about Ji Chang Wook You Should Know

Ji Chang Wook

We have watched so many dramas and movies from Ji Chang Wook that we all might feel like we know him very well. However, after looking into his background, I realized that there is a lot that I did not know about our Oppa. So, I decided to compile a list of 33 facts about Ji Chang Wook that every true fan should know. Feel free to use the table of content to jump around

Ji Chang Wook Personal Life

  • When is Ji Chang Wook’s Birthday and where was he Born?

Ji Chang Wook was born on July 5th, 1987 in Anyang, South Korea.

  • How tall is he?

He is exactly 6’0″ tall. And he is built perfectly!

  • Does he have any siblings?

He is an only child. Unfortunately, his dad passed away when he was an Elementary school. So, it is only him and his mom. That is also why he is a proud mama’s boy. He actually enjoys the name.

Ji and his mom via Instagram
  • Does Ji Chang Wook have any close friends in the entertainment industry?

Yes, he does. According to Soompi, he maintains a close friendship with a group of other celebrities which include Kim Rae Won,  Choi Jong Hun, and Choi Tae Joon among many others. See picture below.

  • Where did he go to school and what did he study?

Before he graduated, he attended Shin Sung High School. Then, He went to Dankook University and he majored in Theather and Films.

Bonus Fact: His mom was not pleased when he decided to major in theatre. This caused some friction for a little bit in their relationship. This is interesting considering she is part of his motivation for going into acting. He wanted to give her a better life since she is a single parent.

  • Did Ji Chang Wook have plastic surgery?

There is no denying that he has always been a very handsome man. But looking at some before and after pictures, many suspect that he may have gotten some plastic surgery for his nose.

  • Has he completed his mandatory military service?

Yes, he has. On August 14, 2017, he enlisted in the military and was discharged a year and 8 months later, on April 27, 2019.

Bonus fun fact: While in the military, he joined the army’s musical “Shinheung Military Academy“. He admits that he was very inspired by the work of his fellow soldiers.


Ji Chang Wook’s Relationships

This is where we get some of the juicy information. I know that a lot of us have the same questions and we want to know if our Oppa is available.

  • is Ji Chang Wook married?

Good news! Our Oppa is not married. He has never been married. So, the door is definitely still open for us.

  • Is Ji Chang Wook in a relationship?

He is not in a relationship. He has been linked to many of his costars over the years. It seems that every time he plays in a drama, the media automatically assumes that he is in a relationship with his female co-star.

The questions will not stop coming. He has been linked to Yoona and Park Min Young, More recently, the question on everyone’s mind after seeing him in Suspicious Partner (2017) was is Ji Chang Wook dating Nam Ji-Hyun? Their chemistry was undeniable….

Ji with Nam Ji Hyun in Suspicious Partner

However, the answer is still no to all of those questions. No media outlets have been able to confirm or prove that he is dating anyone. So for now, Ji Chang Wook is single.

  • Who is his ideal type?

So now that we know that he is single. Does he have an ideal type? He sure does. His ideal type is the beautiful and stunning Song Hye Kyo. Wow! The man has high standards. The bar is super high ladies.

He also mentioned an interview that he likes a girl who is fun and that he can communicate well with.

His Preferences

  • What is his favorite color?

Nothing groundbreaking here, his favorite color is blue.

  • What is his favorite food?

He loves to eat so he enjoys a lot of different food. Nonetheless, it seems that he is very fond of chines takeout. He got addicted while filming a project in China. He also loves his mom’s cooking.

  • What is his favorite season?

Because he does not like to be hot, his favorite season is winter.

  • What type of movies does he watch when he is not working?

He has played in many action movies and some romance dramas. But, when he is not the lead in the project, he prefers thrillers.

  • Does Ji Chang Wook like pets?

Ji Chang Wook loves animals, especially dogs. He has a lovely dog named Ggoma. Are you a dog lover like Oppa or a cat lover?


Other Talents, Hobbies, and Leisures

  • Does he have any hidden talents?

Hidden talent 1: Did you know that he is an amazing singer? His voice is rich and very smooth Moreover, he knows how to play the piano very well. He is musically talented.

via Instagram

3 Bonus Facts:. He sang To the Butterfly on the OST for Empress Ki (2014), I Will protect You on the OST for the Korean drama Healer (2015), and 101 Reasons Why I Like You on the OST for Suspicious Partner (2017).

Hidden talent 2: Because he played the character Mi-Poong, he actually knows how to knit. He claims that he can knit an entire scarf.

  • Does he play any sports?

Our Oppa is also athletic and loves to exercise. He was very active in sports since middle school. He plays basketball and football. And, he was a swimmer back in his school days.

  • What does he do when he needs to relax when he is stressed?

Ji’s favorite way of relieving stress is going out and taking a ride on his motorcycle. He really enjoys riding. In fact, right before the premiere of his latest drama, Melting Softly, he took a motorcycle trip to Jeju Island. Would you go on a ride with him? Comment below.

Courtesy of 1st LOOK

Career and Professional Work

  • How did he get started in the entertainment industry?

Now that we know that he is very musically inclined, it is not hard to believe that Ji Chang Wook got his start in musical theatre.

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  • He is signed to what agency?

Ji Chang Wook has been signed to Glorious Entertainment for many years now.

  • Does he have any social media accounts?

He does not appear to have a twitter account or a Facebook account. But he does have an Instagram account. He is absolutely hilarious on IG and you get a glimpse of his true personality. You can follow him @jichangwook.

  • Who does Ji Chang Wook’s stunts in his movies and dramas?

He is extremely talented and athletic. He also has a body built for action scenes. So more often than not, he does his own stunts. He did all his stunts for The K2.

Ji Chang Wook Abs
Courtesy of Instagram
  • What are his dreams when it comes to his acting career?

He dreams of becoming one of the biggest stars. He has been in many action dramas and movies, like The K2. In fact, he thrives in those roles. However, you may be surprised to know that one of he would like also be one day known as the rom-com king.

  • Did he ever have any doubts about being an actor?

Initially, His dream was to be an engineer. But he eventually fell in love with entertainment. After his role in The Bachelor’s Vegetable Store which had less than 1% viewer ratings, he got fewer calls for roles. This was a hard time for him he started to question if he was made for this business.

Thankfully, he got the call for the musical The Days and he was able to bounce back. We are all grateful!!!

Other Miscellaneous facts about Ji Chang Wook.

  • He actually wears glasses. This is not just for his roles.
Ji Chang Wook
courtesy Instagram
  • Wookie is actually very shy. He gets nervous on set and says he is grateful when his sunbaes make him laugh to ease the tension.
  • He is afraid of Ghosts.
  • Ji Chang Wook loves playing video games like Startcraft.
  • Very hard to believe after that scene in The K2, where he was cleaning the windows of the skyscraper, but he says he is afraid of heights.

Did you already know all these facts about him? Was there anything on that list that surprised you? Comment below and let us know!


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