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365: One Year Against Destiny Cast and Synopsis

365: One Year Against Destiny is a Korean drama from MBC network. The drama will be directed by Kim Kyung-Hee and is written by Lee Seo-Yoon and Lee Soo-Kyung.


  • Name: 365: One Year Against Destiny or 365: Repeat the year
  • Hangul: 365 : 운명을 거스르는 1년
  • Episodes: 32
  • Broadcasting Network: MBC
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy
  • Release Date: March 23, 2020
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday

365: One Year Against Destiny Cast

  • Nam Ji-Hyun: Shin Ga-Hyun
  • Lee Joon-Hyuk: Ji Hyung-Joo

365: Repeat the Year Synopsis

This drama tells the story of 10 people who are given the opportunity to travel back in time to reset their lives. They all dream of having a perfect life and hope that they can fix the events where things went wrong. But soon, mysterious cases start happening.

Nam Ji-Hyun - One Year Against Destiny
Nam Ji-Hyun via Instagram

Nam Ji-Hyun plays the role of Shin Ga-Hyun, a webcomic writer. For the past couple of years, she has been publishing her very successful webcomic “Hidden Killer”. Shin Ga-Hyun is very popular and wealthy. She is also a workaholic and a perfectionist.

One day she is involved in an accident that turns her life upside down. When she is given the opportunity to go back a year and change her life, she goes for it. Unfortunately, things may not go as she expected. She will get mixed up into a mysterious case.

Lee Joon-Hyuk
Lee Joon-Hyuk via Instagram

Lee Joon-Hyuk will play Ji Hyung-Joo, a seasoned detective. He has been in the force for 7 years and has a lot of experience. He decides to take the chance of traveling back a year.

At first, Ji Hyung-Joo is enjoying living in his past. But soon, he realizes that the other people who traveled back with him are involved in strange cases. The detective in him is intrigued and he feels the need to solve those cases.

365: Repeat the Year Trailer

Supporting Cast

  • Lee Joon-Hyuk: Ji Hyung-Joo
  • Nam Ji-Hyun: Shin Ga-Hyun
  • Yang Dong-Geun: Bae Jung-Tae
  • Kim Ji-Soo: Lee Shin
  • Lee Shi-A: Seo Yeon-Soo
  • Yun Ju-Sang: Hwang No-Seob
  • Lim Ha-Ryong: Choi Kyung-Man
  • Jung Min-Sung: Cha Jeung-Seok
  • Jun Suk-Ho: Park Young-Gil
  • Ahn Seung-Kyoon: Ko Jae-Young
  • Lee Yoo-Mi: Kim Se-Rin
  • Kim Ha-Kyung: So Hye-In
  • Ryu Tae-Ho: Heo Jang-Il
  • Lee Sung-Wook: Park Sun-Ho
  • Yoon Hye-Ri: Jin Sa-Kyung
  • Ryeo Un: Nam Soon-Woo
  • An Min-Young: Song Ji-Hyun

Additional Notes

  • Because of the difficulty with finding a perfect translation. This drama has many alternate titles including 365: A year of defying fate, 365 repeat the year.
  • 365: One Year Against Destiny is based on a Japanese thriller novel written by Kurumi Inui. It was first released in October of 2004.
  • Every night, the network will air 2 episodes, 35 minutes each. Therefore, every week we will get to see 4 episodes.

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