8 Upcoming Dramas with Confirmed Lead Cast

As promised, I have compiled a list of dramas that are currently in the works. I have to say that I am interested in watching most of them. They all have very intriguing storylines and I am looking forward to seeing how the writers and directors challenge the viewers. Some of our favorite actors are also starring in those dramas so that certainly adds to the excitement. So, here are 8 upcoming dramas with a confirmed lead cast that you need to keep in your radar.

Postpartum Care Center

  • Genre: Comedy, Medical
  • Episodes: 8
  • Cast: Park Ha Sun, Uhm Ji Won, Jang Hye Jin, Park Shi Yeon, Yoon Park, Bae Woo Hee
  • Broadcasting Network: tvN

This drama tells the story a career woman who is in her forties trying to adjust to her new life in a postpartum care center after giving birth. In this comedy, Oh Hyun-Jin is the youngest executive at her company but after giving birth she finds that she is the oldest guest at the care center. All the other mothers are so much younger than her. However, as she stays there she meets other women, including Jo Eun-Jung, and they start to build a friendship and learn from each other.

The Ballot

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Political
  • Episodes: 32
  • Cast: Nana, Park Sung Hoon
  • Broadcasting Network: KBS2

The Ballot tells the story of an efficient but hard-nosed elite civil servant named Seo Gong Myung who is one of the top-performing employees on the District People’s Committee. However, because he is cold and inflexible, a lot of people do not like him. He has more enemies than friends in his professional life. His nickname is the “Great Lucifer”. On the other hand, Goo Se Ra comes from a lower background but she is well-liked in her department. She is known as the ‘Queen of Civil Complaints’, and she is a force to be reckoned with. Goo Se Ra has held many positions in the past but none of them have been lucrative. She decides to take on a new role which puts her in a position to work with Seo Gong Myung. As they work together to take down corrupt politicians, they began to have feelings for each other.

Flower Of Evil

  • Genre: Romance, Suspense, Thriller
  • Episodes: 16
  • Cast: Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, Jang Hee Jin, Seo Hyun Woo
  • Broadcasting Network: tvN

Bae Hee Sung has built an amazing life for himself over the years. He is a hard-working craftsman who owns a metalworking studio. Bae Hee Sung has had a lot of success and has received many accolades for his work. He is also a devoted husband who helps out a lot around the house. All in all, he appears to be the perfect man. But he hides a terrible and dark secret that he hopes no one ever discovers. But his perfect life may come to an end, as his wife Cha Ji Won start to investigate a case that he may be connected to. His wife is a talented investigator and she loves her job. She loves looking for clues and bringing the truth to the light. She will not rest until she puts a criminal behind bars. But what happens when she realizes that as digs deeper into her new case that the criminal she has been looking for may have been living with her all along.

Missing: They Were There

  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Cast: Go Soo, Heo Joon Jo, Ahn So Hee, Ha Joon, Seo Eun Soo
  • Broadcasting Network: OCN

This drama tells the story of a village that holds the spirits of missing, deceased people. After a search is put together to find the missing bodies and they find them they also discover the truth behind their disappearance. Kim Wook is a smooth talker and a good-looking man who commits fraud for a living. One day, he ends up at Duon Village, where the missing dead gather. He soon realizes that the village is filled with mysteries. Jang Pan Seok is a mysterious figure. When people go missing he looks for them in the Duon Village. He teams up with Kim Wook to solve those missing cases.


  • Genre: Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 32
  • Cast: Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young, Ahn Bo Hyun, Nam Gyu Ri
  • Broadcasting Network: MBC

Kim Seo-Jin is a young executive who has achieved a lot of success at a young age. He has strong drive and is very ambitious. He also has a beautiful wife Kang Hyun-Chae who is a violinist and a daughter. But everything comes crashing down his young daughter is kidnapped. He becomes desperate and tries to change the past by contacting Han Ae-Ri approximately one month in the past. Han Ae-Ri is a very busy student who works part-time jobs to support herself and her mom’s surgery. One day, her mother suddenly goes missing. But one day her mom goes missing. Han Ae-Ri falls into despair but is intrigued when she is contacted by Kim Seo-Jin from the future.

Dating is Annoying, I hate being Lonely

  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 32
  • Cast: Ji Hyun Woo, Kim So Eun
  • Broadcasting Network: MBC

This drama revolves around a group of young adults living in a co-living house. They want to date people but do not want to get too serious. Dating for them is a way of avoiding being lonely. Cha Kang Woo is a single man in his 30’s who works as a psychiatrist. He loves learning more about human beings and watching them interact. He is a very attractive man but he does not want to get into a romantic relationship because of some of the traumas from his past. But Everything changes when he realizes that he is starting to have feelings for Lee Na Eun, a freelance copy editor, who is also staying at the co-living house. Lee Na Eun has a good heart and always tries to fight for justice. She has not been in a relationship in 4 years because of her current situation but she sharts to have feelings for one of the tenants in the co-living space.

My Prettiest Moments

  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 32
  • Cast: Im Soo Hyung, Ji Soo, Ha Seok Jin, Hwang Seung Eun
  • Broadcasting Network: MBC

This drama will focus on an epic love triangle that threatens to destroy a family. In a sad twist of fate, two brothers fall in love with the same woman. Oh Ye Ji is Seo Hwan first love. It was love at first sight. However, his brother Seo Jin falls in love with her when he sees her in their father’s workshop. He will do anything to achieve his goal and be with Oh Ye Ji. Carrie Jeong is Seo Jin’s ex-girlfriend and his marketing partner. Even though they have broken up, she is unable to move on and is still in love with him. Through all the characters’ love stories, the drama shares a lesson about understanding the pain of life and how to ease that pain.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Music
  • Episodes: 32
  • Cast: Lee Jae Wook, Go Ah ra
  • Broadcasting Network: KBS2

This drama is a romantic comedy about a pianist who hist rock bottom when her family loses everything. She tries to remain cheerful but she is frustrated with her new situation. Defeated, she moves to a small village and starts working at La La Land, a piano academy. She meets the strong and mysterious Sun Woo Joon and falls in love with him. Sun Woo Joon is an interesting individual. He does not appear to have any real goals in life. He works multiple part-time jobs to get by and make ends meet. Nonetheless, he has a warm heart and does not care what people think about him. Despite his careless attitude, it becomes clear that Sun Woo Joon is hiding a lot of secrets.

Sunbae Don’t Put on That Lipstick

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Cast: Rowoon, Won Jin Ah, Lee Hyun Wook
  • Broadcasting Network: jTBC

This drama is based on a popular 2017 webtoon of the same name. It will tell the love story between a lovely “sunbae” and a bold “hoobae” who work for a cosmetic company. Chae Hyun Seung is a young brand marketer who has it all: good looks, cuteness, sexiness, and a serious aura. He falls for his sunbae Yoon Song Ah, a professional brand marketer who dreams of having her own cosmetics brand one day.

Let me know in the comments which drama are you excited to see!

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