Hyun Bin Girlfriend

Who is Hyun Bin Dating? Who is Hyun Bin’s Girlfriend?

Hyun Bin is quickly approaching his forties but he is still one of the sexiest and most handsome Korean actors. His charisma and talent almost guarantee that his dramas and movies will perform well in the ratings. He always has amazing chemistry with almost any female co-star he is paired...
Ilhoon Marijuana Scandal

BTOB’s Ilhoon Leaves Group After Being Caught Using Marijuana

On December 31, Cube Entertainment released an official statement announcing that Ilhoon is withdrawing from the group effective immediately. About a week ago, Cube confirmed that Ilhoon was under investigation after he was caught by the police for using marijuana. It appears that Ilhoon purchased the illegal substance using cryptocurrency...
Gugudan Disbandment

Gugudan Announces Disbandment After 4 years

On December 30th, Jellyfish Entertainment surprised fans all over the world by announcing that Gugudan will be disbanding. The agency took to the group's official social media account to reveal that the group will officially end their group activities on December 31, 2020. They also mentioned that even though the...
Kang Sora Pregnant

Kang Sora is Pregnant With Her First Child

Kang Sora is expecting her first child! On November 19, MyDaily reported that Kang Sora is pregnant with her first child and is currently focusing on getting prenatal education. The newly expecting mother is looking forward to the birth of her child with caution. She is set to give birth...
Just Between Lovers
Dramas to Watch

[WATCH] Just Between Lovers Korean Drama

Profile Name: Just Between LoversAlternative name: Just in Love, Just Lovers, Rain or ShineHangul: 그냥 사랑하는 사이Episodes: 16Broadcasting Network: jTBCGenre: Melodrama, RomanceRelease date: December 11, 2017Air time: Mondays & TuesdaysDirector: Kim Jin WonWriter: Yoo Bo Ra Synopsis Lee Kang Doo biggest dream was to become a soccer player. But he was...
BTS Era and BTS Photoshoot

BTS Photoshoot and Videos for Every BTS Era

If you are a BTS fan, you are truly blessed. Our boys consistently provide us with new content that keeps us asking for more. Because they have a very extensive discography and have been active for about 7 years now, it can be hard to define a BTS era. Some...
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