B.A.P’s Himchan Reported To Be In Stable Condition After Attempted Suicide

Former BAP Himchan Suicide Attempt

On June 14th, as a result of Star News’ exclusive coverage, it was reported that Himchan, a former member of B.A.P, attempted to take his own life.

The former B.A.P’s member’s acquaintances reached out to his mom because they became worried for his health. Fortunately, his mother was able to prevent a more serious incident from taking place. Officials say that Himchan is now home and in stable condition.

A couple of hours before the attempted suicide, Himchan took to his personal Instagram account to make an apology post regarding his sexual assault and driving under the influence cases. In a powerful post, he reflected on his recent actions and apologized to his fans.

Many believe that this sudden suicide attempt is related to the singers past controversies. Himchan was indicted for sexual assault until recently and was sentenced to prison in the first trial. The court sentenced him to 10 months in prison and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program. Himchan did not agree with the verdict and decided to appeal. However, the decision was upheld.

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  1. It really bothers me to read this..Why in the world are there so many suicide cases in that country..So many young lives gone for a reason that is done and about what the fans do to them..They get bad mouthed, cursed and attacked by all these nutso fans..They are actors working in a non real drama for those that enjoy watching them..For all those idiots that do not know that, find someone that can explain it to you. Got nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all, those so called fans destroy a life and career for no reason..They should all go to jail when that happens.

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