Backstreet Rookie Receives Legal Sanctions from Committee

Backstreet Rookie receives Legal Sanctions

Earlier this month, it was reported that Backstreet Rookie was under review because of some of its sexually suggestive scenes. We can now confirm that the drama has received legal sanctions from the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

On July 29th, a subcommittee voted to impose a “warning” sanction on the SBS drama Backstreet Rookie. The warning is a very serious sanction because it will affect the drama’s ability to get reauthorization for screening.

The subcommittee revealed that they felt they had to issue the sanction because the production team showed a lack of gender sensitivity while producing a drama based on an adult webtoon but with a PG-15 rating. They continued on by saying that the show caused a lot of discomfort and aversion to the viewers. They also could not ignore the fact that the show contained a lot of slang words and cursing.

It seems that SBS had submitted a “conditional broadcasting approval” so that the drama could air if they deleted the suggestive scenes. But, the production team declined that option. The subcommittee explained that because of those reasons the sanction was inevitable. The KCSC also revealed that Backstreet Rookie is one of the dramas that has received the most complaints.

We will keep you updated on what happens now or in the future with Backstreet Rookie. Let me know in the comments what you think about those sanctions.

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  1. Honestly most of the suggestive scenes aren’t really necessary the actual storyline so it shouldn’t be a problem for them to delete it but I guess that’s just me

  2. Absurdo totalmente. Así como el señor que dijo tener 68 años, yo tengo 63, madre de dos mujeres ya que se enfrentaron a novelas o dramas latinos que son bien calientes. Esto quiere decir que los valores en esta región no son muy fuertes porque familia que crece con valores no puede ser influenciada por un drama. Además creo que lo pasan a las 10 PM. Que hacen a esa hora menores de edad viendo dramas? Pero de verdad creo que hay algo mal. No entiendo por qué sancionar. Y desde que comenzó el drama hay un grupo que se ha dedicado a esto

  3. They really don’t need to do anything. In my opinion, they should just leave them alone.
    If the viewers don’t like it then they can stop watching, they don’t mean anything bad.

  4. Man!!! Were in the 21st century were most of these things are just normal….
    Man let them air back street rookie back …I mean it portrays thee actual world we live in

  5. I don’t think backstreet drama has a lot not necessaary scene.I just enjoyed their drama .I also invite others to be a good vibe .Because this Drama it so cooL.Both main actordoing their great acting 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻

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