BLACKPINK No Makeup: See How They Look + Their Skincare Routine


Blackpink has now become one of the most recognizable girl groups in the world. The girls have become brand ambassadors for many major fashion brands and makeup brands. On stage and in their music videos, they have mastered the art of looking glamorous, edgy, and ethereal. They are always so beautiful and yet so relatable making them the envy of every girl. But one of the reason their fans love them so much is because of that BLACKPINK no makeup look. All the Blackpink members look gorgeous without makeup on and its all thanks to their skin care routine.


When she is on stage, Jisoo’s makeup is always the perfect blend of brightness and softness. She does a great job at pairing bright lips with her smooth and pale skin making her face look alive and cheerful. However, the oldest member of BLACKPINK also looks radiant even when she is not wearing any makeup.

Jisoo explained when it comes to looking her best, she prioritizes her skincare routine over makeup. Her cosmetic bag does not contain a lot of makeup. Over the years she has gained a great understanding of how to care for her skin. For example, she knows that she has dry skin so she sometimes uses two to three facial masks a day.

BLACKPINK no makeup: Jisoo

Another one of her favorite steps is exfoliating her lips. Jisoo is known for wearing bright lipsticks on stage and for her promotional schedules. Exfoliating helps her remove all the dead cells. She also follows up with a balm that helps her retain all the moisture and keep her lips looking smooth and young.


The “human channel” is all about mystery and sensuality when she is on stage. Her smokey eyes, bold red lips, and dark eyeliner are her signature look. She always looks like a stunning unattainable diva. And when she raps, her confidence and her fierce makeup make her look even more breathtaking. Jennie possesses the unique ability to look sexy one moment and like a baby without makeup.

BLACKPINK no makeup: Jennie

Jennie used to rely heavily on wearing masks in order to improve the quality of her skin. But nowadays, she focuses more on her diet. She drinks a detox green juice made of fresh fruits every morning and a lot of water throughout the day.

Jennie also pays a lot of attention to her body care. She loves using Bath Salts from Bath Roman which helps to moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress. Eliminating stress can be one of the best things you do for your skin.


Rose always looks sultry and angel-like in all the BLACKPINK music videos and on stage. Maybe it is because of her unique voice and long blonde locks, she often looks like she is not quite part of this world when she is singing.

Rose secret to her plump and youthful skin is a family secret: her mom’s chicken feet collagen soup. It is packed with amazing nutrients like collagen and vitamins which can do wonders for your skin.

BLACKPINK No makeup: Rose

Rose often wears makeup. It comes with the territory when you are an idol. But facial cleansing is one of the key steps of Rose’s skincare routine. She never forgets to thoroughly cleanse her face even when she is super tired. She never goes to sleep with makeup on.


The maknae of the group is admired everywhere for her unique features. She is known for her big doll-like eyes and her luscious lips. No matter what she is doing, Lisa always looks edgy and fierce. And when she starts rapping, she looks so cool and unstoppable.

Lisa still looks like a doll without makeup. But she also suffers from dry skin. but instead of using a lot of makes, she prefers using a lot of cream moisturizer before going to sleep. This allows the product to deeply penetrate her skin and helps it absorb all the good nutrients from the cream. Lisa also uses a facial massager after she applies the face cream to help the product penetrate her skin even more.

BLACKPINK no makeup: Lisa

So it is clear that getting a solid skincare routine is the best way of looking as beautiful as all the BLACKPINK members without makeup. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing seem to be at the top of the list for all the members. A good place to start is to learn more about the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine.

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