BLACKPINK Ships: Which One is Your Favorite?

BLACKPINK Ships: Pick your Favorite

There is nothing that gets fans more excited than seeing their favorite idols interact with each other. They love seeing members from the same group be nice and loving towards another. But they also love it when members from different groups build strong and cute friendships. The power of Kpop Ships! The coolest thing about kpop ships is that they often get special names made up of the members’ names. BLACKPINK especially is famous for having one of the sweetest and loving relationships among its members. There are 7 known BLACKPINK ships:

JenSoo (Jisoo × Jennie)


JenSoo is one of the most loved BLACKPINK ships. Jennie and Jisoo say that they have been close since their trainee days. Jennie once revealed that they both went to a sauna together and saw each other naked while they talked about their dreams for the future. Talk about being close and laying it bare.

The girls have very different personalities but they get along very well. They often go out to events together and enjoy different activities together. Jisoo and Jennie are almost always seen together. Even when they travel, you can always see Jennie and Jisoo paired together holding hands. Jisoo is always looking for Jennie and making sure she is alright.

Watch the video below for more cute and funny JenSoo moments:

ChaeLisa (Rosé × Lisa)

BLACKPINK Ship: Chaelisa
BLACKPINK Ship: Chaelisa

Chaelisa is another famous BLACKPINK ship. Rose and Lisa share a very special bond. They were born in the same year so they feel an instant connection to each other. Lisa said that she even remembers the exact date and time of when she met Rose. Lisa and Rose often seem inseparable. They are often recording videos together dancing, feeding each other, sharing the same bed. When they are heading to special events or walking through the airport, you often find them holding on to each other.

According to this article from Koreaboo, Rose wrote this special letter to Lisa: “Sometimes, I worry about you like you’re my little sister, and other times, you seem older, like a sister who looks out for me. And we’re also twins who grow alongside together“. Clearly they see each other as more than friends. They are family.

Watch the video below for more Rose and Lisa moments:

LiSoo (Jisoo × Lisa)

Everybody just loves LiSoo. Lisa and Jisoo’s relationship is fund and crazy. They are both hilarious. Between Jisoo’s 4D personality and Lisa’s youthful exuberance, there is always a lot of laughter when they are together. They are always getting into some mischievous activity together. They are partners in crime.

Jisoo is the oldest in the group and Lisa is the youngest. Lisa revealed that she struggled a lot to learn Korean at the beginning of her trainee days. But when she started talking to Jisoo, her Korean got much better. Another example of how Jisoo is always looking out for her maknae. She once came back a day early from their holiday break, because she knew that Lisa was alone in the dorm. How sweet!

Watch the video below for more Jisoo and Lisa moments:

JenLisa (Jennie × Lisa)

BLACKPINK Ships: JenLisa

Jenlisa is the BLACKPINK ship that will make your heart swoon. Lisa and Jennie are very close and love each other dearly. They are always so romantic and affectionate online. They have no problem with skinship. Lisa once gave Jennie a foot massage and spa during a vlive. DAEBAK! Some fans even started to believe that they might be dating in real life. But we all know that they are both just very caring.

The way Lisa and Jennie look at each other will melt your heart. They seem to always be in sync. Jennie is also very protective of Lisa. She will remind her to stay calm and speak slowly during events. When Lisa first got to the dorm, she did not speak any Korean. So everyone was forbidden to speak English to her in order to force her to learn Korean fast. It appears that Jennie often spoke English to her in secret to make her feel welcome.

Watch the video below for more loving moments between Jennie and Lisa:

ChaeSoo (Jisoo × Rosé)

BLACKPINK Ships: Chaesoo
BLACKPINK Ships: Chaesoo

Chaesoo are really good friends. They have different personalities but they get along very well. They are always taking care of each other and cheering each other on. During events, like the filming for their new music video How You Like That, Jisoo and Rose both made sure to be their during their individual parts and cheered for each other.

They also go out and experience different activities together, like pottery. Their friendship appears to be pure and based on having spent years together training and living together. They are always very kind and caring with each other.

Watch the video below for more cute and funny moments with Jisoo and Rose:

Chaennie (Jennie × Rosé)

BLACKPINK Ships: Chaennie
BLACKPINK Ships: Chaennie

Chaennie is BLACKPINK’s most underrated ship but that does not mean that Jennie and Rose are not close. In fact, Rose once said that she often confides in Jennie and she likes talking to her when she has problems. They talk a lot with each other in English because they are both fluent. Jennie calls Rose her hubby and Rose calls Jennie her wifey. Jennie seems to have a soft spot for Rose. She always lets her borrow her things, even her lip balm.

A lot of people like to argue that Chaennie is not a real ship and that Jennie and Rose are not close. However, they would be wrong. The girls are very comfortable when they spend time together. There are also many pictures and videos that show how affectionate the girls are with each other.

Watch the video below for more cute and funny Chaennie moments:

Which BLACKPINK ship is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!