Borahae: Meaning and Why ARMY Will Stop At Nothing To Protect It

BTS V Borahae

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BTS and their loyal and powerful fandom ARMY have built a very special connection over the years. They have establish the type of relationship that celebrities can only dream of having with their fans. In sense, one can even say that they have built their own form of communication such as Borahae.

Borahae Meaning

Borahae literally means “I Purple You”. It combines two Korean words: Bora which stands for “purple” and Saranghae which means “I love you”. Borahae is BTS’s way of telling their ARMY that they love them.

The word was invented by BTS V and was revealed during a 2016 concert. He stated that the meaning of the word Borahae comes from the fact that purple is the last color of the rainbow. It is the end. In the same way, BTS will love and trust army until the end.

Growing in popularity

As BTS popularity and influence grew, so did the word. The purple heart became of symbol of rally for all BTS fans. The word took on its on life and meaning. Some fans argue that the word is now an emotion. It is one of the best ways that BTS communicate with its fandom. The word is so tightly attached to BTS and ARMY that brands who collaborate with the kpop group also use it in their marketing campaign. ex: McDonalds and Samsung.

ARMY Will Protect Borahae At All Cost

Despite the word’s meaning having such a great impact for BTS and the fandom, HYBE Corp has applied to trademark the word yet. So when a Korean nail polish company attempted to trademark the word, ARMY was quick to notice and take actions. The fans became alarmed because if the company was successful in trademarking the word, it could have a negative impact for super group and its fandom. It could make it impossible for them to use the word especially for lucrative collaboration.

They bombarded the company’s website asking them to abandon their attempt to trademark the word. Fans explained that this Borahae has a speacial meaning for BTS and ARMY and all financial rewards should go to BTS V since he coined the word. Soon the hashtag #protectborahae started to trend wordwide. Fans also started to appeal to HYBE Corp to take the proper legal measure to defend the word. They urged HYBE to register the word for TaeHyung.


Overwhelmed, by the negative publicity, the nail polish company issued an official statement announcing that they will no longer attempt to trademark the word. They recognize how important it is to the BTS, its fans, and the Kpop industry as a whole and they will drop their request.

Now, it remains to see if HYBE Corp. will trademark Borahae for BTS or Taehyung. We will keep you updated!

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