BTOB’s Ilhoon Leaves Group After Being Caught Using Marijuana

Ilhoon Marijuana Scandal

On December 31, Cube Entertainment released an official statement announcing that Ilhoon is withdrawing from the group effective immediately.

About a week ago, Cube confirmed that Ilhoon was under investigation after he was caught by the police for using marijuana. It appears that Ilhoon purchased the illegal substance using cryptocurrency instead of cash in an effort to evade the police.

However, the police were able to confirm the information by receiving multiple testimonies from accomplices proving that Ilhoon had been using marijuana for over 4 years. Also, the police were able to detect the drug components in the idol’s body through a hair follicle test.

Ilhoon is currently doing his mandatory military service; he enlisted in May of this year. Even though many believe that he enlisted because he was under investigation, Cube Entertainment denies all the rumors and maintains that they did not know that the singer was using any drugs. Nonetheless, they promise to make sure that Ilhoon cooperates with the investigation.

BTOB will continue on as six group member. Let me know in the comments if you agree with his decision.

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