BTS Height: Who is the Tallest BTS Member?

BTS Height

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For most groups, one or two members usually stand out for being much taller than the other members. But this is not really the case for BTS members. When they are all dancing and singing, it can be hard to figure out the BTS members’ heights.

Take the picture above as an example. Are you able to tell who is the tallest member and who is the shortest member? The real answer might surprise you. Let us go down the list and go through all the BTS members’ heights from the tallest to the shortest.

RM Height: 181 cm

BTS RM Height (namjoon)
BTS RM Height

RM truly dominates in every aspect. He is the leader of the group but RM is also the tallest member of BTS. He is 181 cm (5’11”) tall. But it is also interesting because this means that none of the BTS members are over 6 feet tall. Don’t they all appear to be taller?

(Taehyung) V Height: 178.8 cm

BTS V Height (Taehyung)
BTS V Height

V is the second tallest member of BTS. V is 178.8 cm (5’10.4″). With his deep raspy voice and his incredible charm, V would steal our hearts no matter how tall he is.

Jin Height: 178.3 cm

BTS Jin Height
BTS Jin Height

Jin may be the oldest member of BTS and Mr. Wordlwide Handsome but he comes in third place when it comes to the height department. Jin is 178.3 cm (5’10.2″) tall.

Jungkook Height: 178 cm

BTS Jungkook Height
BTS Jungkook Height

Our maknae (the youngest member of the group) is actually part of the tall line. He can certainly hold his own with his hyungs. Jungkook is 178 cm (5’10”) tall.

J-hope Height: 177 cm

BTS J-hope Height
BTS J-hope Height

The second main dancer and rapper of the group definitely has some swag. J-hope is 177 cm (5’10”) tall, just one cm shorter than Jungkook. Nothing that some hairspray can’t fix ,right?

Suga Height: 174 cm

BTS Suga Height
BTS Suga Height

Suga is 174 cm (5’8.5″) tall. He used to be able to say that he is not the shortest member of the group. But, that all changed because of Jimin. Continue reading…

Jimin Height: 174 cm

BTS Jimin Height

Our bubbly and smooth Jimin used be the shortest member of BTS. He used to be 173.6 cm tall. But on November 2020, Jimin tweeted that during his physical exam he found out that he grew 0.4 cm. So now, Jimin is 174 cm tall. He is as tall as Suga. And according to him, he is coming for J-hope! The man certainly has some lofty goals.

And yes, just like that Jimin and Suga are tied for the title of shortest member in the group. Are you surprised by this information? Who did you expect to be the tallest and who did you expect to be the shortest? Let me know in the comments. Learn more about BTS.