Each BTS Member’s Ideal Type Revealed

BTS Ideal Type Revealed

All the BTS members are extremely talented and good looking. With BTS being the most popular K-pop group in the world, it is easy to understand why so many people are interested in knowing more about the members’ dating life. People are always trying to figure out if BTS members are dating or do they have girlfriends. Although some members have admitted to having girlfriends in the past, they are all single now. But, we can get an idea of what they are looking for in a girlfriend. So, here are BTS’s ideal types:

BTS RM’s Ideal Type

RM, also known as Namjoon, says he is attracted to girls who are feminine, sexy, and have a nice voice. He would prefer to date a girl with long straight hair and pale skin. RM’s ideal type needs to be very intelligent and knowledgeable on multiple different topics. He is very affectionate and loves skinship. Therefore, his girl has to be comfortable with being affectionate with him in private and public. He would like someone who loves music just like he does and understands his lifestyle.

Style-wise, RM likes a girl who looks good when she dresses casually. A white T, jeans, and a pair of high top converses are all you need to grab his attention. He once said that he always feels attracted to girls who wear those types of sneakers and that’s why he does not like when guys wear them. He needs someone who is into fashion as much as he is. (Us: On our way to empty out the converse store as soon as we are done writing this piece.)

BTS Jin’s Ideal Type

Jin’s Ideal type is a girl with a puppy-like personality. He is looking for a girl who is cute, feminine, caring, and with a positive attitude. He loves when girls dress casually with oversize t-shirts and jeans. She needs to love animes and Disney movies. However, she still needs to be mature and understanding.

Jin is known for having a big appetite. So, it is no surprise that he really wants a girl who can cook. But the good news is that she will not be lonely in the kitchen. He would love to cook with her and learn new dishes together. He dreams of having a girl who is kind and who likes to take care of him. He will make sure to take care of her also in return. (Us: Sounds like a perfect deal. Where do we sign up?)

BTS Suga’s Ideal Type

Suga’s ideal type is a girl who has a similar personality to him. He wants someone who is calm, understanding, and wise. She also needs to have a passion for rap and hip hop just like him. She also needs to have a great sense of style. It is ok to dress simple but it needs to look good. He prefers streetwear.

But most importantly, he is looking for someone who truly understands him. Suga hopes he can find someone who will always give him a chance to explain his side to avoid misunderstandings, someone who he can talk to about anything, and someone who will support him. He is very passionate about his work and making music, so having someone who understands him is key. She needs to be there for him even by doing the little things like cooking a meal for him while works. This is what will make him happy. (Us: Brushing up on our rapping skills)

BTS Jimin’s Ideal Type

If you are shy, Jimin is not the guy for you. He likes girls who are cute, very feminine with a petite body. He has a soft spot for girly girls but this does not mean that he wants someone who is super reserved. You need to have an outgoing personality. He is very flirty, so he needs someone who will go along with him when he is being flirty. He loves girls with silly personalities.

He loves surprises. So he wants a girl who will keep him on his toes or surprise him often even if it is by cooking something for him. As long as she is thoughtful and takes the time to do something for him, it will make him happy. Jimin’s ideal type is someone who is supportive, who will be there for him, and will cheer for him when something good happens to him. He wants someone with a big heart and who will love him as much as he loves her. ( Us: We are here for you Jimin! Just make the call. )

BTS J-hope’s Ideal Type

J-hope is looking for someone who is smart and who loves to read books. She needs to have a good sense of humor and be comfortable being silly with him. He likes girls who are very feminine and dresses up but this does not mean that need to wear heels. He also likes it when they dress casually. She needs to be nice, kind, and be a positive person.

J-hope’s ideal type is a girl who is very caring. She needs to enjoy taking care of him and of others. He wants a girl who knows how to cook and will prepare delicious meals for him and pay a lot of attention to him. She also needs to have her own dreams and be hardworking. He wants someone who has a purpose in life and never gives up on her dreams. As long as she only has eyes for him, he will be happy. (Us: We only see you J-hope. )

BTS Jungkook’s Ideal Type

Jungkook’s ideal type is a girl who looks healthy. She needs to be fit, tone, and have pretty legs. But, he also wants her to be very intelligent. Other than that, he is not too picky. He likes fair skin and tanned skinned girls, with long straight hair or wavy hair. He’s more focused on her personality. As long as she is smart and nice, he is happy.

He does however want a girl who can sing as well as he does. She also has to be a great cook. Finally, he is super competitive so he wants someone who is not afraid to get competitive with him. He loves playing video games and he would be really happy if she enjoyed playing with him. He wants someone who will love him for who he is and not because he is a member of BTS. (Us: Taking out our cooking books from the attic and signing up for Chopped)

BTS V’s Ideal Type

It may seem like RM and V have similar ideal types but this could be due to the fact they are both really into fashion. V said that he is looking for a girl who has a great fashion style and looks good when she dresses casually. Style is really important to him. He likes tall girls but he would not mind a short girl because he would get to pat her head in a cute way.

BTS V’s ideal type is a girl who has a big heart and who is very respectful of her parents and other people because he wants her to be the same way with his parents. He wants someone with a cute personality, does a lot of aegyo, and who shares the same interests as him so he can spend time with her. She has to have a good sense of responsibility and call him out if he is wasting his money. In the end, he wants someone who will truly love him. (Us: Say no more V, we will keep all the accounts on lockdown)

Are you surprise by BTS member’s ideal types? One thing we will say is that we noticed that a lot of the BTS members want a girl who can cook and who is feminine. Did you also notice those similarities? Do you think you have all the qualities to be one of the leading ladies of BTS? Let me know in the comments below.


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