Character Posters of Gong Yoo And Park Bo Gum for Upcoming Sci-fi Movie Seo Bok

Seo Bok Korean Movie Character Poster

Seo Bok is one of the most anticipated Korean movies for 2020. Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum will star in the upcoming sci-fi film.

The movie tells the story of Ki-Hun played by Gong Yoo is an ex-agent of the intelligence agency. His goal is to prevent people with the wrong intentions from taking possessions of Seo Bok. This is his last mission before death. Park Bo-Gum plays Seo Bok, the first human clone. He possesses the secret to eternal life. Many people are after him.

Both actors look very intense in their respective posters. On Gong Yoo’s poster are written the words “Live Now”, while on Park Bo Gum’s poster you see can see the words “Live Forever”. The difference in the sentences could be a clue on how each character will choose to deal with the dangerous situations that they will have to face.

Based on the intense and desperate look of both posters, we can tell that Seo Bok is expected to impress viewers by showing an emotional bromance never seen before on screen. Watch the trailer:

Seo Bok is set to premiere in South Korea in December.

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