DAY6 Members Still Under A Lot Of Stress Because Of Continuous Invasion Of Privacy

DAY6 Members

On May 28th, JYP Entertainment revealed that DAY6 members are still under a lot of stress because of the constant invasion of privacy they are all facing.

In a statement released on the company’s SNS account, JYP explained that they were ready to take strict legal actions against all the fans who will not listen to the warnings that have been issued. They expressed that they have sent multiple warnings through diverse channels asking fans to respect all the members’ privacy but some of them will not listen. They keep showing up to places where the members will be even during their private schedules.

“Repeated behavior such as attempting to contact someone when they have made their intentions clear, stalking them from afar, following them around, or waiting for them in hiding is a violation of rights and is punishable under existing laws.”

JYP also explained that they will pursue legal actions if someone is a repeated offender even if that person did not receive a warning or was not blacklisted in the past.

This situation has become unbearable for the members who are under excessive stress. Remember, that DAY6 members are currently on a hiatus because they want to take care of their mental health, even though they released their new album, “The Book of Us: The Demon”.

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