Dlwlrma Meaning: How IU choose her Instagram name

dlwlrma meaning - IU Instagram Username

When celebrities open their Instagram account, fans are always very interested to learn more about why they chose a particular username if it is not their actual name. IU first opened her Instagram account on February 6, 2015, so that she can connect more with her fans. However, when she created the account, many fans wondered why she chose @dlwlrma for her handle. If you are a new fan of IU, you may not the meaning behind dlwlrma.

On the show Knowing Brothers, IU revealed that the username @dlwlrma is connected to her nickname. Her real name is Lee Ji Eun. “Eun” in Korean is silver. However, her nickname is Lee Ji Geum. Geum means gold in Korean. When you type Lee Ji Geum on a Korean keyboard you get dlwlrma.

Just like her stage name IU which stands for “I and You” (her and her fans becoming one through music), we can always count on the beautiful singer to have a deeper and thoughtful meaning behind everything she does.

Now that you know the meaning of dlwlrma, IU’s Instagram username, does it make you love her more? But seriously, her real name should have been Lee Ji Geum since she is more like gold than silver. Actually, she shines more like a diamond.

IU is one of the most popular Korean celebrities on Instagram with a massive 16 millions followers. Let’s continue to support her!