EXO Chanyeol’s smile, tattoo, and more: 6 Reasons He Is One of The Sexiest Idols

EXO Chanyeol sexy

In order to be an idol, you have to be talented. In order to be an idol that can capture the hearts of millions of fans nationally and internationally, you need to have the IT factor: a series of different qualities that combined together make you almost irresistible. Enter EXO’s Chanyeol. When we asked fans why they love this idol so much or why they find him sexy, they gave multiple reasons. Here are the 6 main reasons why fans find Chanyeol sexy:

  1. Chanyeol’s Height
  2. Chanyeol’s Hair
  3. Chanyeol’s Smile
  4. Chnayeol’s Tattoos
  5. Chanyeol’s Talent
  6. Chanyeol’s Abs

Chanyeol’s Height

Chanyeol is now the tallest member of EXO. He towers over all the other members being 6’1″ ft tall. And somehow, he still manages to dance like a god and make all his moves look so graceful.

Chanyeol’s Hair

A big part of Chanyeol’s appeal is that he can rock almost any hairstyle. No really! It is almost unfair how good he looks no matter what he does to his hair. Long hair Chanyeol, blue hair Chanyeol, blonde hair Chanyeol, pink hair Chanyeo, black hair Chanyeol, it does not matter because they all look good.

Chanyeol’s Smile

Chanyeol really has the sweetest smile. It seems to innocent and endearing. He also had the most adorable dimples. You cannot help but fall for him every time he smiles.

Chanyeol’s Tattoos

There is something so sexy about a man with tattoos. And Chanyeol has a lot of tattoos that mean a lot to them. Chanyeol’s tattoo of a monkey represents the year he was born. His tattoo of a guitar represents his passion for music. He also has the word “Loey” tattooed on his finger, which is “yeol” (part of his name) spelled backward. His arrow tattoo represents his zodiac sign; he is a Sagittarius. His L-1485 tattoo is very special for him and his fans because the fandom EXO-L was established on August 5, 2014.

He has more tattoos and we are still learning all their meaning. But we especially love that all of Chanyeol’s tattoos mean so much to him and are connected to who he is, his love for his career, and fans.

Chanyeol’s talent

He is an amazing rapper. His deep voice gives his songs a rich tone and a more grounding feeling. He also plays the guitar, the bass, and the drums. He is a great songwriter. He wrote the lyrics for the songs “Sweet Lies” and “Heaven”. Finally, he is a great actor. He has been in many movies and dramas. He recently landed his first lead role for the movie “The Box” (2021).

Chanyeol’s abs

It is hard to discuss how sexy Chanyeol is without talking about his abs. The singer is super fit and in incredible shape. Chanyeol’s abs are somewhat surreal. In some pictures, it almost seems like he has an 8-pack instead of six-packs. Those pictures above speak for themselves. So, we will stop talking and let you admire him.

To put it simply, Chanyeol’s is beyond sexy! Let me know in the comments if you have another reason why you think Chanyeol is one of the sexiest idols around.