[Profil] Xu Kaicheng et 9 faits étonnants que vous ne croirez pas

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Xu Kai Profile

  • Alternative Name: Kevin Xu and Xu Soso
  • Xu Kaicheng age: 30
  • Xu Kaicheng Birthday: August 8, 1990
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Xu Kaicheng Sign: Leo
  • Xu Kaicheng Height: 6′ 2″
  • Xu Kaicheng Weight: unknow
  • Agency: Ming Dao’s Entertainment
  • Years Active: 2012 – Present
  • Xu Kaicheng Instagram: @renton0808


  • The Queen of SOP II (2013)
  • Only if I love you (2014)
  • The Backlight of Love (2015)
  • Mr. Bodyguard (2015)
  • Moon River (2015)
  • The Lover’s Lies (2016)
  • Idol Hunter (2016)
  • I Cannot Hug you (2017)
  • I Cannot Hug you: Season 2 (2018)
  • Moonshine and Valentine (2018)
  • I am a Pet at Dali Temple (2018)
  • Well Intended Love (2019)
  • The Next Top Star (2019)
  • Boys to Men (2019)
  • Broker (2020)
  • Well Intended Love: Season 2 (2020)


  • (2018)

9 Crazy Facts about Xu Kaicheng


  • Xu has been dancing since he was young. So it is no surprise that when it came time to pick a field to study, he decided to enroll in the Shanghai Theater Academy in 2007 and majored in ballet.
  • He almost did not become an actor. He wanted to go overseas to continue to study ballet. He actually confessed that he does not enjoy dancing but he kept at it most likely because he was good at it. But after suffering a knee injury from a car accident and experiencing a lot of pain while dancing, he decided to switch his focus to acting.

His debut

I cannot Hug You: Xu Kaicheng
I Cannot Hug You
  • He made his acting debut in the television show The Queen of SOP 2. However, he did not get a breakthrough until he was cast in the role of Cui Jun He for the fantasy vampire drama I Cannot Hug You (2017). He gained even more recognition for his role in Moonshine & Valentine (2018).

International recognition

Well Intended Love: Xu Kaicheng
  • With Well Intended Love (2019), the talented actor gained international recognition. The television series was meant to be a small production web drama, but it ended up being a megahit. Introducing, the actor to a whole new level of stardom. Now fans all over the world have fallen in love with him. He gained almost 1 million followers just one month after the show aired.
  • He received the 2019 iFeng Fashion Choice Awards: Fashion Popularity of the Year.

Xu Kaicheng and The Cherry Kiss Scene

  • The « Cherry Kiss » scene is one of the most talked-about moments of Well Intended Love. Fans could not stop talking about the kiss and the internet went wild. But you would be surprised to learn that, Xu says he cannot watch the scene without feeling shy. He says that he knows a lot of fans have made videos about that scene and he is always scared to click on one of them.

Fitness Junkie

Xu Kaicheng fitness goal
Xu Kaicheng Instagram
  • He is a fitness junkie. He really enjoys working out and lifting weights and he is certainly not shy when it comes to showing off his progress on Weibo and Instagram.

Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang

Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang
  • When you are a very handsome celebrity it is expected that eventually you will be caught in a dating scandal. Late in 2019, rumors started flying that Xu Kaicheng and Crystal Zhang were dating. Paparazzi claimed that they caught Xu picking up Crystal at the airport and spending the night at her hotel. All the rumors proved to be false as the actors were just working on multiple shows together.

is Xu Kaicheng Married?

  • A lot of fans are always asking: « is Xu Kaicheng married? ». He is not. He is actually not even in a relationship. At least not that we know of! He is officially single. However, because he has been caught in some dating scandals in the past, people are always curious.


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