Got7 JAY B Apologizes for Naked Artwork In Instagram Live

GOT7 JAY B Apologizes

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GOT7 JAY B issued a statement regarding the controversy over the naked photo that appeared during a live broadcast that he recently did.

During the Instagram live session, a pictures of a woman appearing to be naked with her buttocks and other parts visible was on the wall of JayB’s room. This drew a lot of attention and started to trend on Naver.

During a press release on may 14th, H1GHR MUSIC addressed the controversy stating: “We are sincerely sorry for causing concern to the fans”. They explained that JAY B usually holds personal photo exhibitions and takes pictures that are as good as professional photographers. Because of his love of the art, he is often inspired by the tone and the mood of various photos. The agency explained that the photos that were on display during the broadcast are the works of a fashion photographer who has worked with a number of famous Korean artists.

JAYB also personally took to his instagram to apologize writing: “I’m sorry”. He also explained the origin of the pictures and that he was a big fan of the photographer. However, both the Agency and JAY B wanted to personally apologized because they admit that they should have been more careful considering that the Instagram Live was open to people of all age groups.

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