GOT7 Jay B’s New Song “Switch It Up” Deemed Ineligible For Broadcasting On KBS

GOT7 Jay B song Ineligible

KBS Will not play GOT7 Jay B’s new song “Switch It Up”.

On May 18th, KBS Broadcasting announced that after reviewing the contents of GOT7 Jay B’s new song, they had made the decision that the song was ineligible for broadcasting because “lyrics depicted excessive sexuality”.

This is Jay B’s first song since he signed with H1GHR MUSIC. As of this moment, there is no report of Jay B or H1GHR MUSIC issuing a statement on the news.

Last week, Jay B was caught in a controversy when some pictures depicting female nudity on his bedroom wall were seen during a live broadcast that he made. He issued an apology acknowledging that he is a fan of the photographer who took the pictures but that he should have been more careful since people of all ages were watching the Instagram live

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