Han Ye Seul Personally Shares A Photo Of Her New Boyfriend

Han Ye Seul Boyfriend

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On May 13th, actress Han Ye Seul personally shared a picture of her boyfriendon her social media account causing the public attention is focused on the man who is presumed to be his lover.

As a result of YTN star coverage, the man in the photo share by Han Ye Seul was identified as non celebrity born in 1991. There is 10 year age difference between Han Ye Seul, born in 1981, and her boyfriend. Reports show that he has a history of acting in a number of plays, but he is not currently active in the entertainment industry.

Han Ye Seul Boyfriend

Han Ye Seul declared her devoted love through her Instagram, and shared a picture of her lover catching everyone’s attention. She has always been very active on her social media accounts communicating with his fans, so they have been very supporting of the news sending their congratulations and cheering for her new found love.

Congratulations to the new couple!!

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