Hotel Del Luna OST – The Complete List of Soundtracks

Hotel Del Luna OST Feature

The Hotel Del Luna OST is one of the most popular OST in the drama world because the show was big hit. This show really had the best mix of comedy, Some of the songs are so memorable that hearing them will automatically bring you back to a special scene in the drama. We made a list of all the songs so that we start missing the characters we can come back here and watch it all over. Find and listen to all the tracks we love here with us.

Another Day by Punch and Monday Kiz

Another Day is definitely a fan favorite for those who fell in love with the Hotel Del Luna OST. Compared to all the sad and melancholic songs on the track, this is probably the most upbeat song.

All About You by Taeyeon

All About you by Taeyeon is another song from Hotel Del Luna OST that has left a lasting impression on all the fans of the drama. The song by itself is so enchanting and her voice is simply divine. It is a song about loving forever, always remembering that love, and remembering it all cost even if one day they are no longer closel.

Can You See My heart by Heize

Are you even a fan of this drama if you are not completely obsessed by the following song. Can You hear My Heart by Heize is by far the most popular song in the Hotel Del Luna OST.

At The End By ChungHa

I was so happy that this song is a part of the Hotel Del Luna OST because it perfectly describes one of the core messages of this drama. This song talks about opening up and not being afraid to fall in love despite all the fears that one may have.

Remember Me by Punch

Here is another song that perfectly captures another sad aspect of the show. This song talks about the longing that comes when you are unable to forget the pain of the past and the love that was lost.

Done for Me by Punch

It is hard to believe that this drama was actually one of the funniest shows I have scene because of how sad some of the scenes were. The contrast was beautifully executed. The same goes for this song. The way Punch goes from a sad ballad into her rap is simply awesome.

Only You by Yang Da Il

This song will definitely going to tug at your heartstrings. It is the perfect song to dedicate to someone who simply makes your world better with their presence.

Lean On Me by 10 cm

Beautiful song to remind us that we do not have to things alone. Learning to not reject the love we are getting and leaning on the person offering to help us is important.

Can You Hear Me by Ben

This is a song about feeling like you are crying out to the person you love but it does not feel like they are hearing you. There was a lot of that in this drama. A lot of confusion about the characters motives. But what a pleasure when the whole story unfolded.

So Long by Paul Kim

This dramas has so many songs about saying goodbye. Maybe this should have been our first clue about the ending.

Say Goodbye by Song Ha Ye

This is another song about Goodbye but slightly different. In this one, the singer is pleading for her lover not leave and you can feel the pain.

See the Stars by Red Velvet

IU being one of the best femail soloist in South Korea and being the female lead in the drama, we fully expected to see a song from her on the Hotel Del Luna OST. Considering the genres of all the other songs, this would have been right up her ally. We were all so disappointed when our wishes did not come true. But we felt a little better when we got a song by Red Velvet.

Love Deluna by Punch and NCT Taeyong

This song was so fun and full of energy. A nice refresher from all the sad ballads and we welcomed it.

And, there you have it friends! When you are feeling blue and want to relieve some of the emotions felt while watching this drama, feel free to come here and indulge. Which song is your favorite from the Hotel Del Luna OST? Let me know in the comments!