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How Are You Bread Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

Korean Drama: How are you bread

How Are You Bread is a 2020 original Rakuten Viki Korean Drama directed by Kim Young Joon. Interestingly, this Korean drama is a joint venture with Chinese Guan Ya Media and was originally filmed in 2016.


  • Name: How Are You Bread
  • Hangul: 하와유브레드
  • Episodes: 5
  • Genre: Romance
  • Original release date: January 17, 2020

How Are You Bread Cast

  1. Suho (Kim Jun Myeon): Han Do Woo
  2. Lee Se Young: No Mi Rae


How are you bread” tells the story of a genius baker who is famous for his delicious pastries. Han Do Woo is talented beyond his years. His bake goods are so delicious that many people are starting to believe that if you eat one of them, your wish will come true.

No Mi Rae is a writer for the hit baking show “Top 3 Baking Kings”. When she hears about Han Do Woo, she is determined to get him to appear on her show. The only problem is that Ha Do Woo is completely against it. He does everything in his power to avoid her.

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No Mi Rae refuses to take no for an answer. After all, her job is on the line. She decides to infiltrate the secrete bakery shop where Han Do Woo works. She is determined to do anything to change his mind and get him to agree to be on the show. But as she starts to put her plan in action, her heart starts to flutter and open up to other possibilities.

Spending so much time with Ha Do Woo is becoming a risky job. Can No Mi Rae win this fight and get Han Do Woo to come on the show or will she lose her heart? In the end, will Ha Do Woo agree to participate or will he forget about his heart and refuse to join the cast? This drama is a beautiful love story full of sweet delights.

Supporting Cast

  • Kang Tae Hwan
  • Moon Ji Yoon
  • Han So Young
  • Kim Seo Ra
  • Seo Jung Yeon
  • Lee Ki Chan
  • Oh Sang Jin
  • Lee Soo Ryun
  • Im Byung Ki

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Official Trailer – How Are You Bread

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Korean drama to watch: How Are You Bread