Im Soo Hyang’s Plastic Surgery Rumors: Is It True?

Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery

When two of your latest dramas, focus on your character’s beauty, it is easy to understand why so many fans and viewers start to focus a lot on your own beauty. In 2018, Im Soo Hyang played the role of a 20-year-old college student who decides to get plastic surgery because she does not like her appearance. Currently, the actress is working on her latest drama called “When I Was The Most Beautiful“. No wonder fans are always talking about Im Soo Hyang’s beauty. Is it natural or is it fake? Did Im Soo Hyang get some plastic surgery?

Im Soo Hyang is very beautiful. Her skin always looks radiant and plump with life. Her lips are always full and she always has a bright smile. Fans often comment on how beautiful she is. But in the past couple of years, fans have been speculating that the actress had some work done to her face.

A netizen uploaded some of Im Soo Hyang high school graduation pictures. They were trying to make a case that she had some work done by showing alleged pictures of Im Soo Hyang before her surgery.

Alleged Picture of Im Soo Hyang before plastic surgery

The pictures seem pretty inconclusive. The pictures were from many years ago before she was famous and had access to a lot of new beauty treatments and makeup. And even though you can tell that her face was fuller back then, you can still recognize her.

Also, keep in mind that Im Soo Hyang has been acting since she was 19 years old. Her first role was in the drama 4th Period Mystery (2009). She has been looking the same since her debut and there have been no significant changes to her face.

The following YouTube video does a great job at showing Im Soo Hyang’s evolution throughout the years.

Plastic surgery is a very common procedure in South Korea. Yet, Im Soo Hyang was very nervous about playing the role of Kang Mi Rae mainly because of the age gap and also because she had to play someone who had plastic surgery. She said that she had to look past the plastic surgery part and focus on the message behind the drama in order to accept the role. It is hard to believe that she would feel uncomfortable if she had plastic surgery herself.

Other than this one attempt from netizens to prove that Im Soo Hyang had some plastic surgery, nothing else suggests that she did. The actress is simply naturally beautiful and takes good care of herself and her beauty.

And even if Im Soo Hyang did get plastic surgery, we would still applaud her for living her life on her own terms. The most important thing is to cherish yourself and to do what makes you happy. Let me know in the comments if you agree.