Is Lee Min Ho Dating? Does Lee Min Ho Have a Girlfriend?

Who is Lee Min Ho dating? Lee Min Ho's Girlfriend?

I don’t know about you all but whenever I watch a new kdrama, I always end up seeing a new actor that I like. Therefore, it never fails that I end up asking myself the following question: Is Oppa dating anyone? In your case, you might be asking this question about a new actress: Is Noona dating anyone? So I have decided to start a new series on here called: Is Oppa or Noona dating anyone? For the first blog of this series, let’s focus on Lee Min Ho who stole our hearts in Boys Over Flowers. Is Lee Min Ho dating anyone?

To answer your question quickly. Lee Min Ho does not have a girlfriend. He is not dating anyone and he has never been married. However, he has dated a couple of actresses and non-celebrities in the past. Let’s see who are Lee Min Ho’s past girlfriends.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most well known Korean actors. He is not only very talented but he is also very handsome and charismatic. So, it is understandable that almost every time he is paired with an actress for a role, dating rumors start to circulate. Let’s see which rumors were true or false.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend in 2011 : Park Min Young

Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho met while filming the Korean drama City Hunter in 2011. The drama was really successful. Both Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young received a lot of great reviews from viewers for their acting skills and their chemistry on screen. They did such a great job that people started speculating that they were dating in real life. Dating rumors started to fly everywhere.

Even though the actors did not originally go public with the information, Dispatch was the first to report that Lee Min Ho is dating Park Min Young. The actors were attracted to each other while filming but began seeing each other once the drama was over. Unable to hide their relationship once the news broke, their agency never confirmed that she was Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend. But they did confirm that the actors really liked each other and were getting to each other.

However, a couple of months after they started dating, reports surfaced that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young ended their relationship. No reason was ever released.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

In 2013, Lee Min ho and Park Shin Hye starred in the famous high school drama “The Heirs“. Hearts everywhere watched Kim Tan ( Lee Min Ho) fight through many obstacles to be with Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). Fans were so enamored with their on-screen relationship, that they began to hope that the TV couple was dating in real life.

Unfortunately for those fans, the rumors surrounding the nature of the relationship between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho proved to be all false. Both their agencies denied that the dating allegations. In fact, it was reported that Lee Min Ho saw her more like a little sister despite their very romantic scenes. They knew each other before doing the drama together since they modeled together in the past. They are good friends.

Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun

Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun

In 2015, Seolhyun and Lee Min Ho played in a movie together called “Gangnam Blues”. Seolhyun revealed during an episode of the talk show “Happy Together” that she and Min Ho were quite close when they were filming. She said that he took really great care of her during that time. Min Ho also revealed that he enjoyed filming with her. He said he had not laughed this hard in 6 months.

But that connection seemed to cool off right after filming ended. Seolhyun explained that when she saw Lee Min Ho again while going to press events for the movie, the atmosphere was slightly awkward between them. I believe it is safe to say that all the Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun dating rumors were false.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy

Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend in 2015: Bae Suzy

On March 22nd, 2015, Dispatch broke the news that Suzy and Lee Min Ho were dating and the internet went crazy. People were shocked to hear that Suzy was dating Lee Min Ho. Their agencies tried to deny the news at first but soon they admitted that the couple was in a relationship. It’s important to note that Lee Min Ho and Suzy never starred in a drama or movie together.

Rumor has it that he liked her for a while and asked her friends to help him so he could meet her. She was initially not interested, but he pursued her for a long time and found his way to her heart. The couple dated for almost 3 years. They seemed very serious about each other. They wore matching relationship rings and even celebrated their 2 year anniversary with a party. When rumors would go around saying that they broke up, they would have their agencies refute them. Some people say that he was even thinking about proposing to her.

So even though they were never the show-off type of couples, people could tell they were very committed to each other. So, it came as shocked to everyone when the news was revealed that Lee Min Ho and Suzy broke up after he enlisted in the army.

Lee Min Ho’s other girlfriends

Looking at this list, you might think that Lee Min Ho only dates celebrities. But that is not the case. The actor admitted that after filming the drama series “Personal Taste” he had a lot of free time. So while he was at a cafe, he saw a college student that caught his attention. She was actually older than him. They dated for 6 months without telling his agency. He liked the fact that she was not from the entertainment industry. But ultimately, they broke up because they had different personalities.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun

He is currently filming The King: Eternal Monarch alongside Kim Go Eun. Viewers are falling in love with their characters and their on-screen chemistry. But judging from their behind the scene takes, we can safely say that Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho are just friends.

So there you have it, Lee Min Ho’s dating history all in one place. But, you probably still have some additional questions, so I have taken the liberty of answering them for you below.

What is Lee Min Ho’s Ideal Type?

Now that you know that he is still single, you are probably wondering what is he looking for in a woman. The answer is actually quite simple. Lee Min Ho’s ideal type is Song Hye Kyo. He admitted that she fit the description of his ideal type physically and he wanted to meet her one day. He wants a woman who is not too tall and fair-skinned. But most importantly, he is attracted to a woman’s confidence. He believes that a woman should feel confident at all times whether she is wearing a bikini or a simple dress. He finds confidence very sexy.

What is Lee Min Ho’s thought on Marriage?

Lee Min Ho has a very traditional view of marriage. He admires his parent’s relationship. The actor believes that people should only get married once and it should last forever. He never wants to get a divorce. He actually did not want to get married young because he is superstitious and believes that getting married young increases the risk of getting divorced.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed learning more about Lee Min Ho’s dating life. I will be sure to update this post should his relationship status change. Who should we tackle next?


  1. As a forever Minhoz fan, I absolutely loved this article! I will never probably ever meet him and I would never get to date him but it sure made me smile and feel giddy! ? Thanks!
    I’d love to find out about Ji Chang Wook and L! ?

  2. Honestly i hate the idea of min ho dating song hye kyo bcz we should still hope that she’ll get back with sjk and speaking of, the next should be song joong ki

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