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Itaewon Class Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

Korean Drama to watch - Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a JTBC Korean Drama licensed by Netflix for global distribution. The show is directed by Kim Sung Yoon and produced by Showbox, Zium Content.


  • Name: Itaewon Class
  • Hangul: 이태원 클라쓰
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Network: JTBC
  • Genre: revenge, romance
  • Original release date: January 31, 2020
  • Air time: Fridays & Saturday

Itaewon Class Cast

The main cast of Itaewon class is made of:

  • Park Seo-Joon: Park Sae-Ro-Yi
  • Kim Da-Mi: Jo Yi-Seo
  • Nara: Oh Soo-Ah
  • Yoo Jae Myung: Jang Dae Hee


On his first day at his new high school, Park Sae-Ro-Yi sees Jang Geun-Soo bullying another student. He gets upset and decides to intervene. The situation escalates and Park Sae-Ro-Yi punches Jang Geun-Soo.

Jang Geun-Soo’s father is a powerful man. He owns the famous Jagga restaurant company. He demands an apology from Park Sae-Yo-Ri. When he refuses to apologize, he is expelled from the school. Then, his father who works at Jagga gets fired.

Soon after this incident, Park Sae-Ro-Yi’s father is killed in a motorcycle accident caused by Jang Geun-Soo. Blinded by his pain and rage, he goes after his father’s killer and beats him to a pulp. He gets arrested and sentenced to prison.

When he is released, Park Sae-Ro-Yi decides to get revenge and destroy Jagga and anyone related to it. He opens his won restaurant in Itaewon and enlists the help of social media maven Jo Yi-Seo.

This Korean drama is based on the popular webcomic of the same name written by Jo Gwang-Jin. This is Park Seo-Joon‘s first drama following his amazing success with What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

In the trailer, we get the impression that Jo Yi-Seo is going to develop feelings for Park Sae-Ro-Yi. However, this drama is not being promoted as just another romantic drama. It will also focus on the struggle and victories that come when you decide to pursue your dream and accomplish your goals.

Supporting Cast of Itaewon Class

  • Son Hyun Joo: Park Sung Yeol (Park Sae-Ro-Yi
  • Kim Dong-Hee: Jang Geun-Soo
  • Lee Joo Young: Ma Hyun Yi
  • Chris Lyon: Tony Kim
  • Ahn Bo Hyun: Jang Geun Won
  • Kim Hye Eun: Kang Min Jung
  • Yoo Da Mi: Kim Seon Ae
  • David Lee: Lee Ho Jin
  • Yoon Kyung Ho: Oh Byung Hun
  • Ryu Kyung Soo: Choi Seung Kwon
  • Kim Yeo Jin: Jo Jung Min
  • Kim Mi Kyung: Kim Soon Rye
  • Won Hyun Joon: Kim Hee Hoon

Watch Itaewon Class Online

Official Trailer

Itaewon Class OST – Original Sound Track

Itaewon Class’s OST is amazing and adds a beautiful layer to an already emotionally complex story. Still fighting is poignant and raw. While Start Over from Gaho is the perfect anthem to get you going and pushing forward for your goals. Here are two videos below.

LEECHANSOL – Still Fighting (Part 1)

GAHO – Start Over (Part 2)

Official Poster

Korean Drama to Watch - Itaewon Class

Additional Notes

  1. Park Seo Joon believes that as people watch Park Sae Ro Yi take on life without ever wavering when it comes to their beliefs, they will be inspired to do the same.


Air Date Episode Nationwide (Nielsen Korea)
01/31/2020 1 4.983%
02/01/2020 2 5.330%
02/07/2020 3 8.013%
02/08/2020 4 9.382%
02/14/2020 5 10.716%
02/15/2020 6 11.608%