JYP announces DAY6 Will Suspend Group Activities Temporarily

Day6 Temporary Suspension

On May 10th, JYP Entertainment announced that the kpop group Day 6 will be suspending all their group activities temporarily so that they can focus on their mental health. The suspension will apply to all the members: Seongjin, Young K, Jae, Wonpil, Dowoon.

Through their social medial platform, JYP Entertainment explained that the members of the group started to show signs of psychological anxiety. The group was evaluated and it was determined that they need to take some time off to rest and become more stable.

JYP apologized because this news means that the group will not be doing their comeback as expected. They asked for the fans’ patience as they navigate through this unexpected event. They hope that the fans will continue to support all the members of the group as they make a full recovery.

Day6‘s mini-album “The Book of Us: The Demon” will still be released on May 11 even though the group will not be doing any active promotion.

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