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Lia (리아) is a member of the kpop girl group ITZY under JYP Entertainment. She debuted on February 11, 2019.

ITZY Lia Profile

Itzy Lia Profile
  • ITZY Lia Real Name: Choi Jisu (최지수)
  • ITZY Lia age: 20
  • ITZY Lia Birthday: July 21, 2000
  • ITZY Lia Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • ITZY Lia Height: 5 ft 3¾ in (162 cm)
  • ITZY Lia Weight: 94 lbs (43 kg)
  • ITZY Lia Position: Main Vocalist and Sub Rapper

ITZY Lia English

People are always very surprised to learn and see that Lia is the only ITZY member who speaks English fluently. But it is important to know that when she was younger, she lived in Toronto, Canada for a couple of years. She also attended a school where all the classes were in English.

ITZY Lia School and Academics

Itzy Lia school

Lia really excelled in school. Growing up, she attended a very prestigious school called the North London Collegiate School Jeju. It is a British International School located in South Korea. Kids who attend this establishment end up going to Ivy League schools, Oxford, or Cambridge University. The school is quite expensive and the tuition is 60 million Won or $50,000 dollars a year. This caused a lot of speculation about Lia’s background.

Is ITZY Lia Rich?

Everything would suggest that Lia comes from a wealthy family. As you can tell from reading about her school above, her parents had to pay a lot of money for her annual tuition so that she can attend the elite school. Also, she studied overseas for a couple of years. Finally, an old picture of Lia surfaced where she was seen carrying a luxury bag that cost about 2 million won (~$1700 USD). She was still a high school student at the time and had not made her debut yet. (Koreaboo)

Lia Pre-debut

ITZY Lia Predebut

Before debuting, Lia was an SM trainee for a little bit of time. She auditioned for the company while she as living in Canada and she was only 14 years old. She trained for a short period of time but ended up leaving before signing a contract because her parents did not want her to stay in SM. She later joined JYP Entertainment and trained there for more than 2 years before making her debut.

ITZY Pre-debut – Lia’s part starts at 2:46

After Debut

ITZY Lia After debut

After her debut, things did not necessarily become easy for Lia. In fact, she was completely ignored by most fans. And when they were not ignoring her, they were being very mean to her. They would say that she is the member with the least talent, that she cannot sing or dance. Those comments were really hurtful for Lia and it took a toll on her confidence.

Over time, she looked visibly more sad and withdrawn. Her performance began to suffer which caused her to receive even more harsh and nasty comments. She even started to lose a lot of weight rapidly. A lot of fans began to worry and in the comment sections of many blogs, fans would talk about Lia’s weight loss.

In the Letters to MIDZY YouTube video, Lia shared that she really struggled with not being able to dance as well as the other members of the group. She would compare herself to the other ITZY members and knew she was lacking when it comes to her dance skills despite giving it her best.

Thankfully, she kept going and did not give up. With every comeback, she is getting better. She is starting to look happier and look like her old self. She says that she is adjusting well and becoming more confident. Now, she enjoys her performance. She knows that she will keep getting better with time.

More ITZY Lia Facts

  1. Her favorite color is blue
  2. She is a big fan of MARVEL
  3. She shares her birthday with EVERGLOW’s Aisha who was born on the same day.
  4. In the group, she is the closest to Chaeryeong.
  5. Her favorite hobbies involved listening to music and shopping.
  6. She is the newest JYP trainee to debut from the company.
  7. She shares a room with Yuna in the dorm.
  8. Her nicknames are Cinnamon Lia and Honey Lia.
  9. She attended Seoul’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA).
  10. Lia got her name from her English name Julia which was given to her by her aunt.

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