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If you are a kdrama fan, you most likely have Lee Jon Suk on your list of favorite actors. He has gained a lot of popularity over the years and he is always on demand. Lee Jong Suk has been in many hit dramas and we always look forward to his new projects. But how much do you know about this handsome actor? We are here to help. Here are 38 facts about Lee Jong Suk that every fan should know:

Lee Jong Suk Personal Life

  • When is Lee Jong Suk’s Birthday and where was he born?

Lee Jong Suk was born on September 14, 1989, in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea.

  • How tall is he?

Lee Jong Suk is approximately 6’1″ tall.

  • Does he have any siblings?

He has two siblings. The actor has a little brother who is 2 years younger than him and a little sister who is 4 years younger than him.

Bonus fact: He grew up being really afraid of his father because he was very strict. Although he is now an adult and he has gained a lot of confidence, Lee Jong Suk admits that he is still afraid of his dad sometimes.

  • Does Lee Jong Suk have any close friends in the entertainment industry?

Yes, he is quite loveable and he has many friends in the industry. It almost seems like he becomes close friends with all his co-stars. According to Soompi, he shares a close friendship with Jung Hae In after they both starred in the drama “While You Were Sleeping“. They travel together and often support each other’s drama.

He is also friends with Yoon Kyun Sang, Kim Young-Kwang. He is still good friends with SNSD‘s Yoona and Hyoyeon whom he met before his debut. Finally, he shares a special bond and relationship with Kim Woo Bin. They both starred in “School 2013“.

  • Where did he go to school and what did he study?

He first attended Seoul National Traditional Arts High School but then transferred to Yangjae High School.

He is very smart. Out of 21288 applicants who to the entrance exam for Honkuk University, he was among the group 2220 students who passed. There, he obtained a bachelor’s of Arts in Cinematography.

  • Did Lee Jong Suk have plastic surgery?

The actor has one of the most memorable faces in the industry. His smile is so charming and contagious. He is undeniably handsome. However, some people believe that his good looks may not be completely natural. Lee Jong Suk has been accused many times of having plastic surgery, most specifically a nose job. See the following before and after the picture and let me know.

Courtesy of Channel-Korea: Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery/ Rhinoplasty
  • Has he completed his mandatory military service?

As of this writing, he has not completed his mandatory military service. He is enlisted in the army on March 7th, 2019. At a fan meeting in Japan right before he enlisted, he broke down in tears talking about his enlistment. He told his fans that he would not ask them to wait for him if they find a better actor than him. But who are we kidding, we are all waiting for you!!

Bonus fact: Lee Jong Suk is very shy. Even though he is an actor, he gets very uncomfortable whenever all the attention is on him.

Lee Jong Suk’s Relationships

People are always trying to figure if Lee Jong Suk is dating and if he has a girlfriend. So let’s get to it.

  • is Lee Jong Suk married?

The actor is not married and has never been married.

  • Is Lee Jong Suk dating?

Lee Jong Suk is not dating anyone. He is not in a relationship. There have been many reports and rumors over the years, but Lee Jong Suk does not have a girlfriend. However, he has been linked to some of his co-stars.

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye dating rumors
Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye dating rumors

Despite all the speculations and some of the events that may seem to prove that Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye were dating, their agencies continued to deny all the rumors. They were spotted several times at the same location and seemed to be hanging out alone, but their agencies maintained that they were just friends.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo dating rumors
Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo dating rumors

There were also some rumors that Lee Jong Suk was dating his “W: Two Worlds” co-star Han Hyo Joo. Their chemistry in the drama was so real and electrifying that fans everywhere were hoping that they would take their romance off-screen. But soon after, it was reported that Han Hyo Joo was instead dating Kang Dong Won.

Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Na Ra dating rumors
Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Na Ra dating rumors

Even when he is in the army, people are still trying to figure out who is Lee Jong Suk dating? Rumors started to go around in August 2019 that he was in a secret relationship with Kwon Na Ra. They belong to the same agency so many believe that they are now close. However, their agency was quick to shut down the rumors and released a statement saying that Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara are not dating.

So, in conclusion, Lee is very much single from what we know.

  • Who is his ideal type?

This may surprise you, but Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type is a woman who looks and has the same mannerism as  Lee Na Young. She has been his type for a long time. He is especially fond of the way she talks. He finds it very charming.

He must have been really excited when he was cast as the male lead in the Korean drama Romance is a Bonus Book. He got to play Lee Na Young’s love interest.

Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young

However, he also said that Han Hyo Joo is his ideal woman. But overall, Lee Jong Suk wants a woman who is smart and helps teach him new things.

Bonus fact: He has often been accused of being a flirt but he usually just trying to be friendly.



His Preferences

  • What is his favorite color?

His favorite colors are brown and blue.

  • What is his favorite food?

It seems like this Oppa has quite the appetite. During a live broadcast via Naver’s V app, he revealed that he really enjoys eating spaghetti, kimchi stew, rice noodles, and doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew),  But Lee jong Suk’s favorite food is probably chicken.

Bonus Fact: He was once a guest on the ‘Three Meals a Day’ show. He showed up with a lot of raw chicken and he asked chef Shinhwa‘s Eric to cook a variety of chicken dishes for him.

  • Does Lee Jong Suk like pets?

Lee Jong Suk adopted two puppies after visiting a pet shop in Gangnam. Therefore, it is safe to say that he is a pet lover.

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Other Talents, Hobbies, and Leisures

  • Does he have any hidden talents?

Hidden talent 1: Did you know that he can rap. Jon Suk first trained to be a rapper for an idol group called Real for three months. He ended up quitting because the agency did not keep its promise to let him be an actor. The group still debuted under a different name.

Hidden talent 2: He enjoys playing the piano. Doesn’t he look dreamy?

Hidden talent 3: He can fly an airplane. He went through 3 months of training to become a pilot. He is a goodwill ambassador for the “Global Aviation in Ansan”.

  • Does he play any sports?

Growing up, he spent a lot of time learning taekwondo. He even has a black belt. However, he did not enjoy the sport but his dad forced him to learn.

Bonus Fact: One day, on his way to his taekwondo lessons, he got into a car accident and tore his cruciate ligament. He was happy because he was hoping that this means he would not have to take lessons in the future. But unfortunately, as soon as he was discharged his dad asked him to return to his classes.

He also loves playing basketball with his friends.

  • What are his hobbies?

Lee Jong Suk’s favorite hobby is playing chess.

Lee Jong Suk Career and Professional Work

  • How did he get started in the entertainment industry?

Before becoming an actor, Lee Jong Suk got his start in the entertainment industry as a runway model while he was still in high school. He was the youngest model for the Seoul collection program.

  • He is signed to what agency?

Lee Jong Suk officially started as an SM Entertainment trainee. He was signed to YG entertainment for years but when his contract ended he decided not to renew. In Partnership with YNK Entertainment, he decided to create his own management agency.

  • Does he have any social media accounts?

He does not appear to have an official twitter account or Facebook account. But he does have an Instagram account: @jongsuk0206

  • What was Lee Jong Suk’s break out role?

His breakout role was for the teenage drama “School 2013” in which he played Go Nam Soon

  • Does Lee Jong Suk do all his stunts in his movies and dramas?

Lee Jung Suk sometimes does his own stunts for his projects. For his role in “School 2013“, he jumped from the roof of a four-story building as a stunt.

  • Did he ever have any insecurities?

Despite being one of the most sought after actors by directors and designers, the handsome actor believes that his face is just ordinary. He also feels insecure about his pale skin because he thinks it does not make him look manly. But we completely disagree, right?

Lee Jong Suk Body

Bonus Fact: Because of his success in his career, he is known internationally. There is even a wax figure of him on display in Hong Kong’s Madame Tussaud.

Other Miscellaneous facts about Lee Jong Suk

  • He is not a morning person. He finds it difficult to wake up early.
  • Lee Jong Suk has been living alone since high school when he went to Seoul for school.
  • He is a smoker. Knowing his habits, actress Lee Bo Young told him that he cannot smoke for at least 3 hours before their kissing scene in I Hear Your Voice.
  • He is actually a bad drinker. He cannot handle his liquor.
  • Lee Jong Suk does not like going to clubs. He prefers going to a coffee shop and just chatting with his friends.
Lee Jong Suk eating
  • The actor’s role model is Rain. He started to admire him after watching him play in “Full House“.
  • He enjoys touching people and holding hands with the person he is talking to whether it is a girl or a guy. His love language must be physical touch.
  • He played Dara’s Boyfriend in 2NE1’S 2009 music video “I Don’t Care”’. Watch it below. What a throwback!

Some of our favorite Lee Jong Suk Pictures

Did you already know all these facts about him? Was there anything on that list that surprised you? Who should be the next Korean celebrity we learn more about? Comment below and let us know!

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