Lee Seung Gi Purchased a $5 Million House Now Everyone Thinks He Is Getting Married

Lee Seung Gi - Lee Da In

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On May 24th, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In confirmed the report that they are dating. Over the following days, both agencies issued statements confirming that the actors have positive feelings for one one another and are getting to know each other carefully.

But even though it has only been 6 months since Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In have been dating, there are already rumors that the couple is planning to get married soon. Lee Seung Gi’s new purchase seem to be at the base of this new rumor.

Recent reports revealed that Lee Seung Gi purchased a detached single-family house in Seoungbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, shortly after he started dating Lee Da In. The report also revealed that Seung Gi took out a loan of $5.8 million from his current apartment as collateral.

Now, we are also learning that some media outlets were able to get photos of the two visiting Lee Seung Gi’s grandmother in Sokcho, Gangwon Province, in late fall last year. There was also a cryptic post from a user in an online community saying, “Lee Seung Gi is said to be getting married to Kyun Mi Ri’s daughter, Lee Da In.” But, the post was deleted very quickly after it was made.

The media is now also digging up all of Lee Seung Gi’s recent statements on the topic of marriage. His recent statement on the Netflix show Together about wanting to get married before he turns 40 is now drawing a lot of attention.

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