Netizens Demanding That SBS Cancel “Backstreet Rookie” After Watching Episode 1

Backstreet Rookie Backlash

Backstreet Rookie” premiered on June 19th and was met with solid ratings. The new SBS drama scored a nationwide average rating of 3.7 percent and 6.8 percent. It would seem that the show is off to a decent start, but it is already receiving some backlash.

Backstreet Rookie” was advertised as a family-oriented, romantic comedy. The drama is about the love story between sweet Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) and fiery Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung). But fans were shocked by the amount of sexually explicit scenes in the first episode. They are confused and very disappointed.

Viewers were not happy with the production team’s decision to make the girls in the show wear such short dresses. In the show, Saet Byul went to her interview and to work every day wearing short dresses and heels. During those scenes, the camera seemed to always focus on her bottom half. Also, when Saet Byul’s little sister went to karaoke with her other classmates, the camera also focused on the girls’ skirts.

Netizens were also not happy about Choi Dae Hyun and Jung Saet Byul’s first kissing scene. She was still in high school during that time and he was already a 30-year-old adult. So, the scene felt very inappropriate.

Backstreet Rookie Backlash-SBS Cancellation Request

In another scene, Choi Dae Hyun almost gets arrested for being involved in prostitution. It was a misunderstanding. He went to the wrong room and manages to prove his innocence to the police after showing a document. However, in the scene you can see a woman dressed in a provocative maid outfit while a man in robe is crying in the back. The scene was meant to be funny but netizens did not enjoy it.

However, the most problematic scene is definitely the one involving Choi Dae Hyun’s best friend, Han Dal Shik. He is a webtoon writer who draws sexually explicit scenes in his room alone with no shirt on. In the scene, viewers could see Han Dal Shik moaning and hyperventilating while drawing a variety of naked women doing very suggestive activities.

Backstreet Rookie Backlash-SBS Cancellation Request
Backstreet Rookie Backlash-SBS Cancellation Request

Netizens feel that most of those scenes were very uncomfortable to watch and not family-oriented. They have started a petition to ask SBS to cancel the show. The SBS bulletin board already has over a thousand cancellation requests.

Have you watched “Backstreet Rookie“? Let me know in the comments if you also feel that the show should be canceled?

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    1. Omg it’s just a movie! If you don’t like the content, then it’s simple….don’t watch it!!

  1. For Goodness sake it’s just a drama. Why do people take these things so seriously 😡

  2. i actually like the show…i dont think needs to be cancel but maybe rerated since it maybe a little too much. but it is adult humor and nothing esle i do thing its very light hearted humor not intended on offending the scene that everyone is complaining about was not as provocative.
    the show needs a chance. i would recommend pullinging it rerated and air at a later time

  3. Noooo Of course, it should not be suspended. First, I think it is not what he expresses, but what the person thinks, and second, I think that due to the time they spend it at 10 p.m., it is known that it must have some scenes that are not suitable for children and minors. That is already the responsibility of each family. And if this causes so much discomfort, then let’s put it at 12 at night, but I think that position is ridiculous

  4. everyone so damn sensitive. if they dont like the show then they shouldnt watch it. they are obviously too young to handle shows like that.

  5. ….and the article leave out the most crucial question problem on a non-black person wearing dreads and giving the impression that it’s dirty as it shows him picking a fly out of his hair. Or even the fact that in the next episode, the main girl’s two friends described him as looking like the first human species on earth. Or even the fact that they had to make a clearly not black person look very tanned that it’s weird. It might have even been considered black face. But ofcourse, people only see what they want to see: their fav actors. I’m definitely not watching this show as I felt VERY insulted with that character. It was going so good until he came up

    1. Agreed. I do not believe this character adds value to the show and most definitely is appropriating and lampooning a culture. It’s as horrible as Mickey Rooney playing the Chinese landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Just not necessary at all. Doesn’t matter what they do with the show, I’m not watching it either. It’s disappointing, truly disappointing.

      1. You can just say if u dont like it then dont watch. But, imagine an innocence shild watch this,i think it gives unnecessary bad value to them directly or indirectly. We did not need soft porn here though. They engraved in our memory, especially children. I love the actors but i do not watch or my family wont watch it again because its awkward and appropriate for a family based drama. ]

    2. I agree completely as a Jamaican watching his scene was very uncomfortable. His character is disappointing.

  6. Stop complaining about it. There’s is people who actually liked it. If you don’t then stop criticizing it and stop watching it. Don’t ruin it for others who actual want to watch the rest

  7. i dont think it shpuld be cancelled its just a drama , dont take it seriously . I have high hopes for this drama , i am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED if this drama got canceled.

  8. Demand to cancel because they think drama contain some adult and sensitive scenes? Lol.🤣It would be completely UNFAIR not NOT RIGHT to shut this drama ALONE. RIGHT? they should also demand to cancel ALL existing dramas and kpops showing little and some skin. BAISED.

    1. i actually enjoyed it. people just dont know what humor and sarcasam is. there were many dramas WORSER than this but yet everyone is focused on this cuz ji chang wook is acting here. if someone just doesn’t like it why watch it. i really would be disappointed if they cancel it 🙁

  9. This show should definitely air. It’s ji Chang wook one of the finest actors in the industry with a good reputation. I’m sure this drama is going to be amazing like the rest of his works. Fighting 💙💙

  10. Oh god, people can’t complain about that kiss scene in this drama, when they didn’t raise any questions while ‘love alarm’ or any other drama for that matter which showed school kids indulging in such scenes. Okay, what about ‘The great seducer’ then?!

  11. I really hope this drama continue but the production team make too many jokes scene thats not even funny. So i think the production team should focus on Saet-Byul and Dae-Hyun love story because that what the audience want.

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