Netizens Threaten to Boycott AOA’s Seolhyun’s Drama, Production Team Responds

Netizens want AOA’s Seolhyun to leave drama

Recently, former AOA member, Mina, took to her personal Instagram to call out Seolhyun for the role that she played while she was getting bullied by Jimin.

Mina made it clear that Jimin was the bully in the group. However, she also mentions that Seolhyun and Jimin are very close, and Seolhyun acted as a bystander the entire time the bullying was taking place. She never tried to help or intervene.

In light of those new claims, Netizens are calling for Seolhyun to step down from her role for the upcoming tvN drama “Night and Day” (literal title). Even though the drama is set to air later this year, it is already receiving a lot of negative attention and people want Seolhyun to leave the drama. Filming has already started for the show which puts the production team in a big dilemma.

The production team has issued a statement in response to all the complaints. They made it clear that they have no intention of replacing Seolhyun. They are leaving it to her to decide if she wants to give up the role.

Let me know in the comments if you feel that Seolhyun should step down from the role.

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  1. If she stood by and let the bullying happen she should be ashamed of herself! She should have stepped in and tried to stop it, no matter what you have to have a heart and not let anyone bully anyone!!! The effect it has later on in someone’s life is sometimes life changing. And normally not for the good. Just my opinion

    1. When someone gets bullied, a bystander is just as bad as the bully. Maybe even worse because as a third person, you have the capacity to think more sensibly and are able to see the whole picture. And it’s not like she was an outsider. It’s her fellow members. She could’ve done better but decided to turn a blind eye.

      As for this drama, she can stay if she wants and they can keep her if they want. But, let’s be honest, with all that negativity, don’t expect for a good turnout. Might as well invest on something (or SOMEONE) worthy. Just saying…

  2. We have ourselves would have underwent or bullied or even sometimes been a stand by… Bt we can’t expect her to pull down from the drama… Isn’t acting a first thing for being a main role in drama?
    Aren’t all are a bad person in someone’s life or dream? Do all cause only good things?
    I wasn’t like she bullied her? Giving chance is human nature ig.

  3. How ironic. Sounds like to me all these netizens are the ones doing the bulling here. Standing on a soapbox, judging others, and trying to ruin careers and lifes with the ease of an internet comment.

  4. I don’t see why she has to step down. No one here can say they have never watched someone get bullied before even if you choose not to view it as such. Bullying with your comments into stepping down or leaving the production team doesnt make you any different. She is an actress and an idol member but she is also a human being first and therefore prone to mistakes as well as the occasional bad behaviour.

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