Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Rumors: Is It True?

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Rumors

Park Min Young is one of the most sought after Korean actresses. She is TV gold. Whatever project she works on, it ends up receiving great reviews. She is an amazing actress with a lot of range that can deliver both dramatic and comedic scenes. She is not only talented but she is also very beautiful. However, with a lot of attention can also come a lot of criticisms. Over the years, there has been a wave of netizens saying that Park Min Young is only beautiful because she had some work done. So, are all the Park Min Young plastic surgery rumors true?

The rumors are true. Park Min Young admitted to having plastic surgery. She revealed that, in junior high school, she had double eyelid surgery. She also got a nose job (rhinoplasty surgery).

What did Park Min Young Look Like Before Plastic Surgery?

However, it is important to get some facts straight. There have been some pictures circulating around the internet for years now, allegedly showing Park Min Young before her surgery. That picture is fake.

The young woman in the picture that netizens always refer to in order to say that Park Min Young completely changed her face, is actually not her. The student in the picture above (left) is Miss Kim Yu Mi.

The following pictures are the real pictures of Park Min Young before her surgery.

Why Did Park Min Young Get Plastic Surgery?

Park Min Young says that her mom gave her permission to get her double eyelid surgery so that she can look prettier. She started acting very early so she must have wanted to be her best from the start. She said that she decided to also have nose surgery because her nose was crooked.

It sounds like she received a lot of love and support from her family when she made her decision to have plastic surgery.

What Do Fans Think Of Park Ming Young’s Plastic Surgery?

It is really sad to say, but it is clear that the Park Min Young plastic surgery rumors and speculations will not die down. And netizens are split on the topic. Most fans, thankfully, do not care about it and love the actress. They often compliment her on her beauty under her Instagram posts or youtube videos.

However, some people have left some pretty harsh comments or said some very mean things about her. They have said that she does not look natural.

This could not be the furthest thing from the truth. Despite getting plastic surgery, Park Min Young always looks beautiful, youthful, and natural. She even looks beautiful when she is not wearing any makeup.

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