[Profile] EXO Suho Facts and Amazing Journey To Stardom

EXO Suho Profile

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Suho (수호) is a member of the South Korean pop group EXO. He made his debut on April 8, 2012 under the SM Entertainment label. He is the Leader of all the group. He is also the lead singer and visual of the group.

EXO Suho Profile

Suho EXO member
  • EXO Suho Real Name: Kim Jun Myeon
  • EXO Suho age: 29
  • EXO Suho Birthday: May 22, 1991
  • EXO Suho Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • EXO Suho Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • EXO Suho Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
  • EXO Suho Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, and Visual
  • EXO Suho Instagram: @kimjuncotton

EXO Suho Facts That You Should Know

  • Suho is a Buddhist.
  • His stage name in EXO means Guardian which is fitting as the Leader.
  • He is also the leader in EXO-K.
  • His super power in EXO is water.
  • He is known as the most intelligent members.
  • He is so polite and considerate that he would get pass if he met a girl’s mother.
  • He enjoys watching the animated series Evangelion.
  • He has a puppy named Byul.
  • He has a high tolerance for alcohol.
  • According to the other EXO members, Suho’s room is always messy.
  • However, he loves taking care of his appearance and of himself. His nickname is EXO’s Pharmacy
  • He is the mama of the group. He always takes care of the other members making sure that they eat well and buying them food. He even used to do it as a trainee.
  • He is very close to Sehun. They have known each other since 2007.
  • Suho is also a musical actor. He was in ‘The Last Kiss’.
  • He is a member of the Honor Society because of his generosity and his numerous donations. He may have donated over 100 million Won over the years.

EXO Suho Predebut

Suho Predebut
EXO Suho Predebut

EXO Suho always dreamed of becoming a singer since he was an elementary school but his parents were opposed to the idea. So Suho decided to wait till after college to go after his dreams. But as luck or fate would have it, he was street casted by an SM Entertainment employee while he was out doing community service in a park. He was invited to go through an audition.

Suho joined SM Entertainment through their casting system towards the end of 2005. After he passed the audition, he convinced his parents to let him officially join the organization. During a TV show, he once shared how a conversation with Yoon Jong Shin before joining SM and this is what convinced him to do the audition.

Trainee Days

He trained for a very long time before debuting. He was a trainee for 6 years. During the training period, he could not dance for a whole year because he was injured. He started to get worried that he might never be able to debut. So, he started to think that having a back up plan would be wise and he devoted a lot of time to his studies. He was accepted to Korea National University of Arts but he withdrew after he made his debut.


Is EXO Suho Rich?

Is Suho rich? He certainly is after being part of one of the most successful kpop groups since 2012. However, a lot of fans seem to believe that he was well off even before his debut. Some of the evidence would suggest that he comes from at least and upper-middle class family. His father was professor at a university and he is now a politician. Also, the other members also mentioned that Suho comes from a wealthy background during a show. But there is nothing specific or solid evidence that Suho is rich.

His Solo Debut

Suho Solo Album- Self-Portrait

On February 18th, 2020, SM Entertainment announced that Suho was going to make his solo debut with his own album. The album, called Self-Portrait, was released on March 30, 2020 with a beautiful cover of 4 paintings of Suho’s face. The album performed quite well and peaked at #13 on the US World Album Chart. It also topped over 50 countries’ iTunes charts. As a solo artist, he won his first music show award at KBS’ Music Bank on April 10, 2020

Suho and Acting

Suho is not just a great singer. He is also a great actor and has been in many movies and dramas. See below a complete list of his work:

EXO Suho Dramas

2020How Are You Bread 
2018Rich Man 
2017Star of the Universe 
2015EXO Next Door 
2013Prime Minister and I 
2012To The Beautiful You 

EXO Suho Movies

2018Student A 
2016One Way Trip 
2015SMTOWN The Stage 
2007Attack on the Pin-Up Boys 

Suho Military Enlistment and Discharge dates

EXO Suho Military

Suho enlisted in the military on May 14, 2020 and He is expected to get discharged on February 13, 2022.

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