[Profile] Song Weilong Facts: Movies and TV Shows, girlfriend, and more

Song Weilong Profile Feature

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Song Weilong Profile

Song Weilong Profile
  • Stage Name: Song Weilong
  • Real Name: Song Weilong
  • age: 22
  • Birthday: March 25, 1999
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Dylan Wang Height: 185 cm
  • Dylan Wang Weight: 62 kg
  • Agency: Huanyu Film
  • Years Active: 2015 – Present
  • Fandom name: La Tiao
  • Fandom color: Blue
  • Dylan Wang Weibo: 宋威龙99
  • Dylan Wang Instagram: @songsongswl

Song Weilong Movies and TV Shows

2020Go Ahead Ling Xiao
2020In a Class of Her Own Feng Cheng Jun
2020Beautiful Reborn Flower Lin He Ping
2020Find Yourself Yuan Song
2018Untouchable Lovers Rong Zhi
2017Long For You Gu Shi Yi
2016Demon Girl 2 Ying Long
2016Demon Girl Ying Long
2021A New Awakening Guest Role
2021Catman Chao Chao
2019Love the Way You Are Fang Yu Ke
2018Game Breaker: Unawakened City Nan Ji


Song Weilong was born and raised in  Dalian, Liaoning. From a ver young age, he developed a passion for classic martial arts. He became passionate about martial arts after watching the action movie The New Legend of Shaolin starring Jet Li. He also enrolled in Tagou Martial Arts School of Henan Province. His two older sisters also worked very hard to send him to private school in the hopes that he would have a good life in the future.


Song Weilong made his debut in the entertainment industry by signing with  Yu Zheng Studio and officially becaing an actor. He first appeared in the the variety show Run for Time and then on the talk show Day Day Up.

He made his first acting debut in the the fantasy drama Demon Girl (2016). By 2017, he is was on the rise to more fame after starring in fantasy romance drama Long For You. The series was adapted from the comic The Distance of Light Between You and Me and it received over 1 billion views. In 2018, Song Wei Long and Lin Yun starred in the melodrama Beautiful Reborn Flower.


Song Weilong constinued to take on other roles but he made an undeniable mark when he took on the role of Fang Yu Ke in Love The Way You Are (2019). His performance was fantastic and he e won the Best New Actor award at the China Movie Channel Media Awards. That same years, Forbes China listed Song under their 30 Under 30 Asia 2019. The next year, he starred in the romantic comedy Find Yourself which was a hit and helped increased his popularity nationally and internationally.

Personal life: Song Weilong Dating

Over the past years, he has been caught in many dating rumors. It almost seems that every couple of months there is a new article trying to figure out who is Song Weilong’s girlfriend and who is he sating. Although h has been linked to many other women, he only officially acknowledged one relationship.

Song Weilong and Lin Yun

Song Weilong and Lin Yun (Jelly Lin)
Song Weilong and Lin Yun (Jelly Lin)

They started dating after they fell in love while filming Beautiful Reborn Flower. They were caught on video kissing passionately on the street. The news that Song Weilong and Lin Yun was dating was not well received by fans at first. But jus when the fans started to get used to the idea, they both issues an official statement announcing that they broke up and would remain friends.

Song Weilong Facts you need to know

  • In order to learn martial arts at the Shaolin Temple, he had to wake up at four o’clock every day.
  • He is very athletic. He enjoys swimming, basketball, and surfing.
  • His favorite number is 7.
  • As a kid he dreamed of becoming a hero.
  • He loves watching animes