More Rumors About Han Ye Seul’s Boyfriend, High Entertainment To Take Legal Actions

Han Ye Seul's Boyfriend Legal Actions

A couple of weeks ago Han Ye Seul personally shared on her Instagram a picture of her boyfriend revealing to the world that she was in a relationship. What was meant to be a joyful time for the actress is now turning into a series of rumors, malicious comments, and controversies.

Soon after she introduced her boyfriend, Dispatch released an article alleging that Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend, Ryu Sung Jae, used to be a male escort and that she met him at an illegal facility. Despite the fact that the actress denied the rumors, Dispatch doubled down on their claims and said they had multiple witnesses that could confirm that the rumors are true.

The actress took to her personal instagram to deny the rumors and put the issue to rest. She wrote a very lengthy letter to her fan to explain the situation in more details. In her letter, she writes that Ryu Sung Jae used to be a theater actor and he also worked in a Karaoke bar. She also shared that she questioned him about the rumors and he denied all the claims and she believes him. She also decided not to sue the malicious commenters that had been bothering her so far but she would use the money for charity work.

However, the actress’s desire to resolve the issue herself by being transparent did not seem to convince some netizens. The rumors continued to spread in various online communities and even media outlets. Now, Han Ye Seul’s agency High Entertainment is ready to legal actions on behalf of the actress. They release a statement making it clear that they will not be as lenient as the actress.

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