Shin Min Ah is Riveting in The New Poster for Upcoming Movie

Shin Min Ah is Riveting in The New Poster for Korean Movie Diva

On August 3, Newsen reported that Shin Min Ah‘s upcoming movie was scheduled to be released in September 2020.

In “Diva“, Lee Young played by Shin Min Ah is one of the best divers. They even nicknamed her the “Diva of the diving world”. But one day, she has an accident and she loses her memory. Lee Young feels like she is losing her mind. She also realizes that her best friend Jin Soo is missing. She is determined to regain her memory and find her friend.

The first posters have also been released. In the first poster, Shin Min Ah has a chilling and confrontational glare. The text above her head says: “You want my spot?” This suggests that we can expect to see some fierce competition between Lee Young and one or more divers.

In the second poster, a woman is diving into a pool of dark water. But surprisingly the water also appears to contain some blood. Whose blood is it?

The Movie “Diva” directed by Jo Seul Ye promises to be an exciting and intense thriller that will have on the edge of your seat.

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