Song Hye Kyo Talks About Her Personal Style And Offers Encouragement To Her Fans

Song Hye Kyo for Chaumet

Song Hye Kyo’s editorial pictures for the jewelry brand Chaumet were released on August 5th and the actress is absolutely breathtaking.

Song Hye Kyo is the picture of elegance as she showcases the new collection “Bee My Love”. This collection from Chaumet Maison was inspired by the bee which is a symbol of royal power and loyalty. Many of the pieces have the hexagonal honeycomb motif which definitely catches the attention.

When asked what is her personal style, Song Hye Kyo shared that her “favorite style is to wear a simple pair of earrings, bracelets or ring products that can represent [my] mood that day”.

When I asked if she could relate to the concept of loyalty and resilience, the actress said that she believes that those qualities are very important for work and personal relationships. She explained that she always strives to do her best in everything that she does. She always keeps true to her personal convictions. Also, she is also very loyal to the people she has worked with and the people who have been with her over the years.

Song Hye Kyo also offered some guidance for her fans about what they can do when they are facing tough times. Especially taking into consideration the pandemic, she offered that learning to rely on our loved ones is the best way to get through this.  She believes that “love, sacrifice for each other, and interaction with people” is the most important.

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