BLACKPINK No Makeup: See How They Look + Their Skincare Routine

Blackpink has now become one of the most recognizable girl groups in the world. The girls have become brand ambassadors for many major fashion brands and makeup brands. On stage and in their music videos, they have mastered the art of looking glamorous, edgy, and ethereal. They are always so...
BLACKPINK Ships: Pick your Favorite

BLACKPINK Ships: Which One is Your Favorite?

There is nothing that gets fans more excited than seeing their favorite idols interact with each other. They love seeing members from the same group be nice and loving towards another. But they also love it when members from different groups build strong and cute friendships. The power of Kpop...
Blackpink How You Like That Lyrics
KPOP Lyrics

BLACKPINK How You Like That Lyrics English & Romanization

How You Like That is the first released title track off of the full length album. Learn BLACKPINK How You Like That Lyrics: BLACKPINK in your area Boran deushi muneojeosseoBadageul ttulko jeo jihalkkajiOt kkeutjarak japgettagoJeo nopi du soneul ppeodeobwado Dashi kamkamhan igose Light up the skyNi du nuneul bomyeo...
who is the most popular BLACKPINK member?

Who is The Most Popular BLACKPINK Member?

BLACKPINK is a four-member Kpop idol girl group composed of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. The group debuted in 2016 and has been making waves nationally and internationally amassing millions of fans everywhere. Their music videos easily garnish hundreds of millions of views on Youtube. They sell out concert halls everywhere...
Blackpink Plagiarizing

Instagram Make-up Artist Accuses BLACKPINK’s MUA of Plagiarizing

Instagram make-up artist, Nushafarin is accusing YG entertainment and BLACKPINK's Maeng of copying her work. BLACKPINK has released a series of teaser photos for their highly anticipated comeback with their new track "How You Like That". In one of the pictures, Jennie can be seen wearing beautiful pink flames design...
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