Seventeen's Ideal Type

Each Seventeen Member’s Ideal Type Revealed

If you are a Seventeen's fan you probably had a hard time picking your bias. With 13 members with equally stunning visuals and fun personalities, how is one supposed to choose? So maybe the best place to start is by letting each member tells us what they are looking for...

8 Upcoming Dramas with Confirmed Lead Cast

As promised, I have compiled a list of dramas that are currently in the works. I have to say that I am interested in watching most of them. They all have very intriguing storylines and I am looking forward to seeing how the writers and directors challenge the viewers. Some...
IU Kpop Idol

Should You Try The IU Diet Plan?

Being an idol can have its perks but it can definitely be a difficult job. Many idols have very demanding schedules that require that they put in long hours of work going to events, rehearsing for shows, and constantly producing new materials. Part of the job is also making sure...
Korean dramas with EXO Members

17 Korean Dramas with EXO Members

If you are a fan of the kpop idol group EXO, you know how talented this group is already. They are one of the most popular kpop boy bands in the world. They have been breaking records and setting trends for years. However, they are not just musically skilled. Most...
Watch Korean Dramas Online

12 Best Websites to Watch Korean Dramas Online

Over the past couple of months, I have been getting a lot of questions about where to find k-dramas to watch online. This can be a hard question to answer depending on what country you live in. Different drama streaming websites have different licenses in different countries. So, I thought...

11 K-dramas to watch in May 2020

May is going to be a rough month for k-drama fans everywhere but in a good way. We have a lot of new dramas premiering in May. So, you may have to make a conscious decision of picking a couple of shows that you will watch now while they are...
Lee Min-Ho TV shows

All The Lee Min-Ho TV Shows You Need To Watch

Lee Min-Ho is one of the most famous and sought after Korean actors. He is not only handsome but he is also very talented and full of charisma. His charm is undeniable and he makes you fall in love with all of his characters. Once you have watched him in...
Upcoming dramas

9 Upcoming Dramas With Confirmed Lead Cast

Almost every other day, I get an alert that a new drama is in the works. Sometimes the actors that were originally in talk to star in those dramas decide not to take on the role because it is not a great fit for them or because of conflicting schedules....
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