BTS Height

BTS Height: Who is the Tallest BTS Member?

For most groups, one or two members usually stand out for being much taller than the other members. But this is not really the case for BTS members. When they are all dancing and singing, it can be hard to figure out the BTS members' heights. Take the picture above...
BTS Era and BTS Photoshoot

BTS Photoshoot and Videos for Every BTS Era

If you are a BTS fan, you are truly blessed. Our boys consistently provide us with new content that keeps us asking for more. Because they have a very extensive discography and have been active for about 7 years now, it can be hard to define a BTS era. Some...
BTS Ideal Type Revealed

Each BTS Member’s Ideal Type Revealed

All the BTS members are extremely talented and good looking. With BTS being the most popular K-pop group in the world, it is easy to understand why so many people are interested in knowing more about the members' dating life. People are always trying to figure out if BTS members...
BTS Break The Silence: The Movie

BTS Announce New Film “Break The Silence: The Movie

On August 7th, 2020, Big Hit Entertainment announced that BTS would be releasing their 4th film, Break The Silence: The Movie. They also released the movie poster. The new movie will premiere on September 10th and have limited screenings in theaters. The movie is directed by Park Joon Soo. Early ticket...

BTS Announces Comeback, MTV Performance, and Full Schedule

BTS is gearing for extremely end of the summerll! On August 3rd, the supergroup announced the release of their new English-titled song "Dynamite" scheduled for August 21st. Since then, they have also shared with their millions of fans their schedule for the next couple of weeks and they have a...
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