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Backstreet Rookie receives Legal Sanctions

Backstreet Rookie Receives Legal Sanctions from Committee

Earlier this month, it was reported that Backstreet Rookie was under review because of some of its sexually suggestive scenes. We can now confirm that the drama has received legal sanctions from the Korea Communications Standards Commission. On July 29th, a subcommittee voted to impose a "warning" sanction on the...
Backstreet Rookie Korean Drama

“Backstreet Rookie” Under Review By Korea Communications Standards Commission Because of The Sexually Suggestive Scenes

" Backstreet Rookie" has received around 6,384 civil complaints in counting. According to a representative of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC), this is the greatest number of civil complaints received in the last year for a television program. Moreover, this is one of the greatest numbers of complaints ever...