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Top 20 K-drama couples

Top 20 K-drama Couples With The Best Chemistry

K-dramas are known for their over the top love stories. This is probably why they are so popular nationally and internationally. It is hard to find a Korean drama couple who will not make your heart flutter. But once in a while, you will find a show where the actors...
Park Seo Joon

PROFILE: Park Seo Joon

Profile Information Name: Park Seo JoonDate of Birth: December 16, 1988Place of Birth: South Korea Social Media Instagram: bn_sj2013 Park Seo Joon - Education and Career Park Seo Joon enlisted in the military when he was only 19. He was discharged in 2010 and, the following year, he started his...
Korean Actress - Park Min Young

PROFILE: Park Min Young

Profile Information Name: Park Min YoungDate of Birth: March 4, 1986Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Social Media Instagram: rachel_mypark Park Min Young - Education and Career Park Min Young graduated from Dongguk University in February 2013 with a degree in theater. Park's acting debut was in a commercial for...