All The Lee Min-Ho TV Shows You Need To Watch

Lee Min-Ho TV shows

Lee Min-Ho is one of the most famous and sought after Korean actors. He is not only handsome but he is also very talented and full of charisma. His charm is undeniable and he makes you fall in love with all of his characters. Once you have watched him in one drama, you will most likely want to see more of him. I understand the feeling; I have been there too. So, here is a list of the best Lee Min-Ho TV shows starting with my least favorite one.

Our Favorite Lee Min-Ho TV Shows

Personal Taste

Personal Taste -  Lee Min Ho TV Shows
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16

Be ready to have a love-hate relationship with this drama. Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min-Ho) is a talented architect who pretends to be gay so that he can become Park Gae In’s roommate. He needs to live in her house because that’s the only way he can get access to the layout of the house. He needs the house plans to win a big contract for his firm. Gae In (Son Ye Jin) is very trusting even though she often gets betrayed by other people and she takes him in.

This drama has a lot of pros. Even though the plot is not completely groundbreaking, it encourages people to not judge others because of who they love and how they love. Gae In’s personality is frustrating to no end. She is the typical, naive, dumb female lead. Some of her decisions will make you want to punch your screen. But in my opinion, Lee Min Ho’s charm redeems the drama. I really enjoyed seeing how their relationship blossomed from a friendship to romance. Parts of the drama will drag a little bit, but there are lot of funny scenes to keep you going.


Faith - Lee Min Ho TV Shows
  • Genre: Romance, Action, Historical
  • Episodes: 24

This drama tells the story of a 21st-century plastic surgeon called Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) who gets kidnapped by a Goryeo (Lee Min-Ho) era bodyguard. He forces her to travel back 700 years in the past with him because he needs her healing powers. This drama is not perfect by any means. Commercially speaking, this is one of the least successful Lee Min-Ho TV shows. There are many places where the story is lacking but you nonetheless enjoy it.

The first episodes may drag a little bit but once you get passed them, you will fall in love with this drama. The chemistry between Kim Hee Sun and Lee min Ho was wonderful. You could feel every emotion with just one look, one touch, or one word. Kim Hee Sun is by far the actress with whom Lee Min Ho had the most chemistry despite the age difference. The supporting actors were also very intriguing and did a great job. Each actor seemed perfectly cast for his or her role.

City Hunter

City Hunter -  Lee Min Ho TV Shows
  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Romance
  • Episodes: 25

City Hunter is about a young man who uses his MIT degree to get hired in the international communications team at the Blue House. This is all part of a plan that he has been working on with his surrogate father so he can take revenge on 5 politicians who caused the death of his real father. In the process, he starts to have feelings for one of the female bodyguards who works at the Blue House. What will happen if she finds out that he is the City Hunter?

This is Lee Min-Ho’s best drama when it comes to the action scenes. He is a complete badass, almost not human. The story takes many unexpected turns and you will find yourself questioning everything. The cliffhangers were super intense and you will want to binge-watch the entire show in one sitting. The chemistry between Park Min-Young and Lee Min-Ho was beautiful and you will root for them to have a happy ending.

Boys Over Flowers

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 25

This is one of the best Lee Min-Ho TV shows. This was his breakout role and helped him get recognition all over Asia. In this drama, Geum Jan-Di (Gu Hye Sun) is a poor girl who transfers to prestigious high school and finds herself at war with the F4 gang, a group of extremely good looking and rich boys headed by Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min-Ho). What she does not realize is that Goo Jun Pyo has feelings for her. But can they make it work despite their different backgrounds?

This drama has all the elements of the perfect school drama. I love that even though Geum Jan-Di is poor she keeps her dignity and she is strong. She fights back and has a strong backbone. This drama will give you a rollercoaster of emotions. You will want to laugh, cry, and pull your hair out at some of the scenes. Also, beware that a case of Second Lead Syndrome is inevitable in this drama. So make sure that your heart can handle the trauma it will have to go through.

The Heirs

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, School,
  • Episodes: 20

The Heirs is also one of the most successful Lee Min-Ho TV Shows. It was a commercial success nationally and internationally when it aired in 2013. In this drama, Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) is the heir to a rich conglomeration who rapidly falls for a poor girl (Park Shin Hye) he meets in California. However, he does not know that the girl is actually his housekeeper’s daughter. When he returns to South Korea, they meet again. Kim Tan has to figure out a way for them to be together despite all the obstacles they face.

This may be another school drama where Min Ho plays a rich kid who falls in love with a poor girl, but the story is nonetheless beautiful. It definitely has some flaws and a lot of cliches but the characters will make you enjoy the series. Lee Min-Ho is a simple guy who is trying his best to have a happy ending. He wants to be with the girl his love, he wants his dad’s approval, and he wants a better relationship with his brother. Can he get it all? Finally, you will also fall in love with Kim Woo Bin and Chrystal’s characters. This is yet another drama with a second lead who will make you sad.

The Legend of The Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea -  Lee Min Ho TV Shows
  • Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 20

Joon Jae played by Lee Min-Ho is a con man who decides to trick a woman (Jun Ji Hyun) into giving him her jade bracelet. The bracelet is worth millions. The woman is strange and acts as if she has never lived in a civilized world. But even after he gets the bracelet, Joon Jae cannot help but feel a sense of responsibility for her and takes her in. However, the woman is hiding a big secret. She is a mermaid. How will Joon Jae react if he finds the truth?

The Legend of the Blue Sea is my favorite Lee Min-Ho drama. This drama is hilarious. Jun Ji Hyun is fantastic as usual but Lee Min Ho is also at his best. The dynamic between the leads and the other cast members is wonderful. You will enjoy the different aspects of their friendships. This is a beautiful story that will make you believe that true love can live on beyond the obstacles such as time and space. You could say that it is a perfect modern-day fairy tale.

Now it’s your turn to let me know in the comments out of all of the Lee Min-Ho TV shows, which one is your favorite?


  1. I watched The Heirs first then saw a few episodes of Boys over flowers and then I watched The legend of the blue sea..and among all these three drama I couldn’t move from The Heirs..This show make me go gaga for the Lee Min Ho and I think no matter how many dramas I saw of Lee Min Ho..but the place which Heirs acquired..can’t be taken by any drama..gosh I felt pity that this drama came in 2013 and I saw it in 2020..Thanks to my friend who suggests me such wonderful drama.

  2. I have seen them all and although Heirs is my favorite! I happened to like Faith and Personal Taste. Now, I may be biased a bit ??‍♀️ but, they are all AWESOME to me. I am also in love with what I have seen thus far of The King: Eternal Monarch! It was a NICE back to dramas (from military service) show for him.

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