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The Game: Towards Zero Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

The Game Towards Zero

The Game: Towards Zero” is a fantasy drama on the MBC network directed by Jang Joon Ho and written by Lee Ji Hyo. The drama airs Wednesday & Thursdays and every episode is around 35 minutes.


  1. Name: The Game: Towards Zero
  2. Hangul: 더 게임: 0시를 향하여
  3. Episodes: 32
  4. Official Release date: January 22, 2020

Lead Cast of The Game: Towards Zero

  • Taecyeon: Kim Tae Pyeong
  • Lee Yeon Hee: Seo Joon Young
  • Lim Ju Hwan: Ko Do Kyung


The Game: Towards Zero” tells the story of a man called Kim Tae Pyeong who has prophetic abilities. He can see the moment right before someone dies by just looking into their eyes. Although he sees this gift as a curse, many powerful people start to hire Kim Tae Pyeong to help them cheat death or make peace with it. Soon he starts to make a lot of money.

One of his assignments for a powerful woman gets him into a dangerous situation which causes to cross path with detective Seo Joon Young, a member of the criminal division. This encounter changes everything for Tae Pyeong. No matter how much he tries, he cannot foresee detective Joon Young’s death.

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Kim Tae Pyeong is shaken by his discovery. This is the first time in his life that his gift is not working and he does not know what to make of it. He is also concerned by what this could mean for the Joon Young. He then gets wind of serial murder case that the police are having a hard time solving, He decides to start working with detective Joon Young and help her catch the culprit. His help might be the key to unlocking a 20-year-old murder.

Note: This drama is Taecyeon’s first project after being discharged for his mandatory military service duties.

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