Top 15 Male Kpop Idols With Blue Hair Who Left Us Speechless

Male Kpop Idols With Blue Hair

Part of the excitement of watching your favorite group do a comeback is trying to figure out what new style each member will have. Kpop idols often change their hair colors with every new promotional season adding to the idea that they are transforming with every new era. Somehow idols are very good at rocking unusual hair colors and making them look amazing. We particularly love it when they decide to dye their hair blue. So here is our list of the top 15 male Kpop idols with blue hair who killed the look.

1) YoungJae (Got7)

For their comeback during the “Eclipse” era, Youngjae caught all of the Ahgases’ attention by sporting new blue locks. He looked so charming and irresistible. I mean, look at this face!

2) Yeonjun (TXT)

We have seen Yeonjun with yellow hair, red hair, and even green hair. But there is something about him with blue hair that makes him look so magnificent, cool, and even innocent all at the same time.

3) T.O.P (Big Bang)

In 2012, Big Bang‘s T.O.P shocked his fans by introducing a minty, green/blueish hairstyle. The look was definitely daring but everyone agreed that the idol had the perfect face to pull it off. Some fans even started calling him Jack Frost. I can understand why because, I certainly get a chill just looking at those pictures. I also loved that depending on how the light hit his hair, it would show different hues of blue.

4) Han (Stray Kids)

When Han from Stray Kids showed up the 2018 MAMA with his electric blue hair, fans everywhere could not help but swoon. The new hairdo was perfect for him. It definitely helped bring out his beautiful features and matched the color of his eyes.

5)Jimin (BTS)

For BTS‘s Map of the Soul: 7 comeback, Jimin decided to let go of his usual bright colors and opted for dark blue shades that made me him look mysterious and hypnotizing. We volunteer as tributes for this dark handsome prince.

6) Xiumin (EXO)

Xiumin is known for experimenting with his hair color and almost anything looks good on him. Right before enlisting for the army, his EXO fans were delighted to see him rock his new blue hair color. He definitely succeeded at staying stuck in our memories while he was gone.

7) Suga (BTS)

Suga from BTS has had various shades of blue hair over the years, but the most memorable one is from the “DNA” era. This tropical ocean blue complimented his pale skin perfectly and made him look energetic and even younger.

8) S.Coups (Seventeen)

S.Coups does not only look great with blue hair but he also showed that he has range. Seventeen‘s S.Coups rocked a blue hairdo twice. During the “Clap” era, he rocked a soft blue hair color but he went for a dark blue look for the “Boom Boom” era. Which color do you prefer on him?

9) V (BTS)

When BTS did their comeback with “Boys with Love”, we were all mesmerized by their look. But V definitely stole our hearts with his electric blue hair. We simply could not keep our eyes off him. The pop of blue against the all-pink outfit or against the all-white outfit that he sported in the video was everything. V stole our hearts and ran away with it with that look. His visuals are simply divine.

10) Jisung (NCT Dream)

There is no ignoring Jisung when he is sporting his electric baby blue hair color. This shade is so vibrant, it demands your attention. Thank God, Jisung’s visual are perfect, so it can never hurt to look at him.

11)Seungyoon (WINNER)

WINNER‘s Seungyoon definitely lured more fans into the inner circle when he rocked this blue hairdo. This was the perfect choice of color to help accentuate his soft features.

12) Hongbin (VIXX)

Blue hair definitely has a way of making our idols look more dynamic and fun, but somehow on Hongbin this hair color gives me the blues. The intensity of his looks paired with the blue locs makes us feel like he is a magical being that can see right through us.

13) Mingyu (Seventeen)

We absolutely love Mingyu with dark black hair. He always looks so handsome. However, when he rocks his blue hair he seems to transform into another person. So much swag that is hard to look at him without swooning.

14) Donghae (Super Junior)

On most people, blue hair looks fun and outgoing. But somehow for Donghae from Super Junior, his midnight blue hair turned him into the epitome of sophistication. He looks like a lord.

15) Ju Hacknyeon (The Boyz)

Ju Hacknyeon from The Boyz definitely has killer visuals. But when you pair his looks with a dark blue hair, he is simply irresistible.

Who on that list is your favorite male kpop idol with blue hair? Did we miss anyone? Who else should have made the list?

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