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Touch Your Heart – Cast, Review, and Trailer

Touch Your Heart

Touch Your Heart is a rom-com Korean drama from tvN Network. The show is directed by Park Joon Hwa. It is written by Choi Bo Rim and Lee Myung Seok. This drama is an adaptation of the novel “Jinsimi Dadda” by Yegeo.


  • Drama: Touch Your Heart
  • Hangul: 진심이 닿다
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcasting Network: tvN
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Release Date: February 6, 2019
  • Finale Date: March 28th, 2019
  • Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday

Touch Your Hear Cast

  • Lee Dong Wook: Kwon Jung Rok
  • Yoo In Na: Oh Yoon Seo / Oh Jin Shim


Yoo In Na - Touch Your Heart
Yoo In Na

Oh Yoon Seo is a very popular actress but she is also kind of the joke of the town when it comes to the entertainment industry. Simply put, her acting is horrible. But since she is pretty, she continues to get booked for roles. Unfortunately, everything changes when she gets mixed up into a very public scandal with the son of a rich family.

Fortunately, right when it looks like her career is coming to its end, a famous screenwriter wants to cast her for a role in her movie. Oh Yoon Seo wants to convince her that she will do a great job and agrees to intern as a secretary in a law firm since the female lead is a legal secretary.

Lee Dong Wook - Touch Your Heart
Lee Dong Wook

Kwon Jung Rok is one of the top lawyers at the firm. He is very good at his job but he is cold and has no time for nonsense. He is unhappy when his boss asks him to let Oh Yoon Seo intern with him but he reluctantly agrees.

Supporting Cast

  • Lee Sang Woo: Kim Se Won
  • Son Sung Yoon: Yoo Yeo Reum
  • Oh Jung Se: Yeon Joon Kyu
  • Shim Hyung Tak: Choi Yoon Hyuk
  • Park Kyung Hye: Dan Moon Hee
  • Lee Joon Hyuk: Yeon Jun Suk
  • Oh Eui Shik: Kong Hyuk Joon
  • Kim Hee Jung: Kim Hae Young
  • Jang So Yeon: Yang Eun Ji
  • Park Ji Hwan: Lee Doo Seob
  • Kim Chae Eun: Lee Joo Young
  • Jay Kim: Lee Gang Joon

Touch Your Heart Trailer

Touch Your Heart Watch Online

List of Episodes

Korean Drama
  • Touch Your Heart Episode 1

Oh Yoon Seo is a famous actress. However, she had to step away from the limelight because she was caught in a scandal. She is trying to get her career back. She goes to see a screenwriter and asks her for the lead role in her new drama. The writer agrees but has one stipulation. Oh Yoon Seo must work at a law firm for 3 months to gain experience as a legal secretary…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 2

Oh Yoon Seo and Kwon Jung Rok’s professional relationship is off to a rocky start. He gets mad at her for misplacing his documents. Despite this, Yoo Seo start to improve at her job. She, in turn, is upset because she knows it’s not her fault. Kim Se Won returns to town and has to face his ex-lover Yoo Yeo Reum…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 3

Oh Yoon Seo and Kwon Jung Rok’s working relationship improve. He makes an effort to teach her the ropes. Yoo Seo gets her first opportunity to help Jun Rok when he takes on the case of high school student accused of fraud…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 4

Their relationship has now taken a big step forward. They are on good terms he even tutors her on the weekend. Jung Rok starts working on a stalking case and learns that Yoo Seo’s scandal may be related to that case…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 5

Yoon Seo’s feelings for Jung Rok start to evolve. She gets jealous of his friendship with Yeo Rum. Jung Rok and Yeo Rum face off on the same case when he decides to be the defendant’s lawyer …. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 6
Touch Your Heart

The misunderstandings continue between Yoon Seo and Jung Rok. After working late together on a case, she gets picked by her manager which causes Jung Rok to think that she has a boyfriend. While working the case, Jung Rok gets attacked and Yoon Seo helps treat his wound….. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 7

Jung Rok comes close to confessing his feelings for Yoon Seo but he is interrupted by a phone call. Yoon Seo is anxious the next day because she believes he will confess and ask her out but he does not. She ends up feeling confuse and believes she misunderstood his comments…. Watch Now on Viki

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 8

Yoo Seo is upset when she finds out that Yeo Rum was Jung Rok’s first love. To make matters worse, they still have not had a proper date. She goes looking for Jung Rok so she can talk to him but finds Kim Se Won is also there. Kim Se Won reassures that there was never anything serious between Jung Rok and Yeo Rum…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 9

Finally, Jung Rok and Yoon Seo have resolved all the confusion in their relationship. They start to date and enjoy spending time together. Jung Rok learns more about the difficult life circumstance that Yoon Seo had to go through…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 10

Lee Gang Joon is back from the US. Yoon Seo is worried that he might come after her again. Jung Rok tried to put her mind at ease and spends more time with her. Yeo Rum struggles between her past resentments and her desire to be there for Se Won….. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 11

Gang Joon has his man follow Yoon Seo. She is now terrified. She decides to open up and tells the entire truth to Jung Rok. He tells her that they are going to win the battle together. He will not let her go through it alone…. Watch Now on Viki

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 12

Gang Joon attacks Yoon Seo in her apartment. Thankfully, Jung Rok realizes that she is in danger and comes to her rescue. Gang Joon gets arrested and Yoon Seo’s name is cleared…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 13

Jung Rok decides to break up with Yoon Seo so that she can freely pursue her acting career that is starting again. Yoon Seo tries to change his mind but he refuses and treats her coldly. They separate….. Watch Now in VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 14

Jung Rok faces a lot of backlash for the Park Su Myeong case. He decides to resign from the company. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo finds out the truth about why Jung Rok broke up with her. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 15

Jung Rok and Yoon Seo finally get back together. They spend the night together. But her manager comes to her house early in the morning and finds Jung Rok. The office holds a vote to decide who will be the attorney counsel for Yoon Seo’s drama and Jung Rok wins with a clear margin…. Watch Now on VIKI

  • Touch Your Heart Episode 16
Korean Drama to Watch: Touch Your heart

Yoon Seo has to go overseas for her next drama. While over there, she is caught in new dating scandal with her male co-star. On the other hand, Se Won and Yeo Rum move in together…. Watch Now on VIKI

Touch Your Heart Review

Touch your heart is a romantic comedy through and through. If you are looking for a light drama that will make your heart flutter without making you cry, this series is for you.

Yoon Seo and Jung Rok


The plot is well thought out of and coherent. Nothing extremely farfetched so you will not have a hard time getting involved in the story. Throughout the entire drama, the writers do a great job of not deviating from the main storyline even though all the characters get a chance to shine.

The drama is clearly about the love story between Yoon Seo and Jung Rok. The show will tackle many cases that will bring out different aspects of the main characters’ personalities. This will help them address the hurt and traumas from their past. Every subplot is designed to help the characters grow.

This is executed beautifully because by the end of the show both Yoon Seo and Jung Rok will grow as individuals and as a couple.


Korean Drama to Watch: Touch Your heart

Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook’s chemistry is undeniable.

Yoon Seo’s lighthearted attitude and her charm will make you adore her. She starts off a little ditzy but she evolves into a strong and smart woman.

Jung Rok is reliable and devoted. He does not have a lot of experience dating women but he sure knows how to make a woman feel that she is the only one in the room. You will melt as you see him transform and start to open up to Yoon Seo

The supporting characters also played a great role. With Yeo Run and Se Won, we get to see a more serious tone to love and the power of forgiveness.

And with Yoon Hyuk and Moon Hee’s romance, we learned that it is important to value your worth in a relationship. Moon Hee realizes that she could not go around giving everything to men who did not respect or cherish her.

What did not work?

Korean Drama to Watch: Touch Your heart

There is not much to complain about when it comes to this drama.

Yoon Seo and Jung Rok’s innocence can be off-putting in some scenes, especially considering that they are almost in their 40s, but overall it works.

However, I have to mention that the build-up to certain plotlines will not live up their expectations. For example, we spend almost 11 episodes anticipating Gang Joon’s return.

Throughout the show, we get little hints that Yoon Seo was terribly hurt by the scandal even though we are not sure exactly what happened. Then, we learn about the stalking, the drugging, and how she was accused of being an accomplice.

We expect that when he returns, he will come with a vengeance and Jung Rok will have to use his amazing lawyer skills to send him to jail.

Alas, it took less than 2 episodes for the conflict to be resolved. Gang Joon attacks Yoo Seo. Jung Rok saves her and punches him. Gang Joon gets arrested. The END.

Excuse me while I go back to bed. Boring.

But then again, I had to remind myself that this is a romantic comedy, not a thriller. Therefore it gets a pass.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this drama. It is the perfect drama to relax, laugh, and swoon. It also has a strong message about how rumors can destroy someone’s life. It draws attention to the fact that public opinion can be harsh and tend to condemn before knowing all the facts

The show really drives home the point that we should not judge a book by its cover. It’s important to take the time to get to know people and not to make assumptions.

PS: You may get annoyed towards the end with the high amount of product placements.

Touch Your Heart OST

The soundtrack is one of the best parts of watching this drama. Touch Your Heart’s OST is the perfect score for a romantic show.

My favorite songs of the OST are definitely Wendy’s What if Love, Chen’s Make it Count, Jeong Sewoon’s Good Night.

What if Love – Wendy

Make it Count – Chen

Good Night – Jeong Sewoon

Touch Heart Ranking

During its time on air, Touch Your Heart’s ranking did not change much. They ranged between 3.33% and 5.62%, with the first two weeks receiving the highest ratings on Thursday. Source:  AGB Nielson



Additional Notes

  1. This is the second time that Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook have been paired together as a couple in a drama. They played the second lead couple in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, also known as Goblin.
  2. Touch Your heart finished the year in 5th place as one of the most-watched Korean dramas on Rakuten Viki.
Touch Your Heart Official Poster

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