UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk apologizes to co-star Kim Seul Gi from “Find Me in Your Memory”

Kim Seul Gi and UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk apology

On April 30th, Moon Ga Young and Kim Seul Gi went live on Instagram as part of their promotional activities for their drama “Find Me in Your Memory“. Lee Jin Hyuk who was watching the Live decided to participate after receiving permission and left a couple of comments for the ladies.

Kim Seul Gi and Moon Ga Young

Kim Seul Gi plays Lee Jin Hyuk’s love interest in the show. So staying in character, she said to him after seeing his comments: “See you later, darling!”. Lee Jin Hyuk’s fans were not happy to hear her say that. “Darling” is a term of endearment reserved for people who are in a relationship. And since Kim Seul Gi and Lee Jin Hyuk are not dating in real life, people thought that her comment was inappropriate.

She received a lot of criticism from many fans and they started posting a lot of malicious comments about her. Kim Seul Gi apologized and said it was a mistake. However, things escalated when Lee Jin Hyuk went live on his Instagram on May 8th and tried to explain how he felt about the whole situation.

He said that he did not notice that she called him Darling during the Live. He also revealed that Kim Seul Gi apologized to him personally and was very sorry. She was in the middle of filming so she did not realize that she used that word. He told his fans that since she apologized, he decided to let it go and give her a pass.

He also said that he wanted to scold his fans for fighting about this issue. This is his first drama and he wants it to be remembered in a positive light. He asked them: “What are you guys going to do if I take a lead role?”

Most fans seemed happy hearing from him but some of them felt that his comments about Kim Seul Gi were wrong. She is his senior after all and saying that he is giving her a pass is also disrespectful. Finally, fans also felt that his demeanor during the Live was arrogant.

Faced with so much criticism, Lee Jin Hyuk decided to handwrite an apology that he posted on his Instagram. He formally apologized to Kim Seul Gi who may have been hurt by his words for how he handled the situation. He also apologized to his fans for causing concern.

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So what do you guys think? Did Kim Seul Gi do anything wrong? Did Lee Jin Hyuk handle the situation poorly?

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  1. Fans are toxic. These actors doesnt belong to anyone and why shud it be bothering that actors calling other actors by names? I swear some fans are really just keyboard warrior and really obsessive.

  2. I think it is not that serious, some of these fan are convince that the can control what their idol say or do. It is so annoying ????????

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