VIXX Ravi Publicly Apologizes to Red Velvet For Music Lyrics

VIXX Ravi Red Velvet

On June 3rd, VIXX Ravi released his new album “ROSES“. However, one of the songs on the album titled RED VELVET caused some major controversies.

Some people took offense to some of the lyrics in the song because it contains a lot of lyrics sexualizing women and appeared to reference the members from the female Kpop group RED VELVET. In the song, Ravi sings about taking “a bite out of a red velvet”. He also mentions “Russian Roulette” and “Dumb Dumb” which are RED VELVET song titles. Finally, some of his wordplays appeared to include some of the names of the group’s members.

Ravi released an official statement apologizing to the members of RED VELVET, their agency, and all the fans. He admits that he should have been more careful when writing the song and should have anticipated that the song would make some people uncomfortable. He writes “I am also reflecting on my complacency regarding this situation. It’s a shame that I wasn’t aware of the fact that many people who understood the contents of the lyrics could feel uncomfortable while working on it”.

Ravi also mentions that he will be removing the song from all music streaming platforms although he realizes that it may take some time to do.

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