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[WATCH] Lie After Lie Korean Drama

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  • Name: Lie After Lie
  • Alternative Name:  Lies of Lies or Lie of a Lie
  • Hangul: 거짓말의 거짓말
  • Episodes: 16
  • Duration: 1hr 6 mins
  • Broadcasting Network: Channel A
  • Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Suspense
  • Release date: September 4, 2020
  • Air time: Fridays & Saturdays
  • Director: Kim Jeong Kwon
  • Writer: Kim Ji Eun


Can real love start with a lie?

Lie After Lie tells the story of a woman who marries into a chaebol family but soon gets accused of her husband’s murder. She gets sent to jail after she is found guilty. Unfortunately, she is pregnant and has to give birth to her child while she is still behind bars. Unable to take care of her child while she is serving her sentence, her baby gets adopted.

After her release, she starts to look for her daughter. In order to get her back, she pretends to fall in love with Kang Ji Min, the man who adopted her daughter. She will do anything to become her daughter’s stepmother.

Unfortunately, no secret ever stays hidden for too long. The truth may come out sooner than later. What will happen with her family if they discover the truth?

Lie After Lie Cast

  • Lee Yoo Ri as Ji Eun Soo
  • Yeon Jung Hoon as Kang Ji Min
  • Lee Il Hwa as Kim Ho Ran
  • Im Joo Eun as Eun Se Mi 
  • Kwon Hwa Woon as Kim Yeon Joon

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Supporting Cast

  • Kim Seung Hwan as Kang Seung Hwa
  • Lee Won Jong as Yoon Sang Kyu
  • Choi Dae Sung as Seo Hyeong Kook
  • Go Soo Hee as Jung Mi Jin
  • Jung Shi Ah as Kang Ji Kyung
  • Yoon Sung Mo as Choi Hyun Bin
  • Baek Song Yi as Kang So Ri
  • Kwon Hyuk Hyun as Kim Woong
  • Go Na Hee as Kang Woo Joo

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